Building the Masons (S2) – Hammer

The last of the season 2 captains is finally being covered, didn’t take me long at all did it? Well its now blunt instrument period of sun movement (Hammer Time)…..


He is average speed (and unusual as he is one of the few 1” melee Masons), his TAC is pretty good seen on a few other captains. His DEF is meh and he has ARM (again not as much as other masons).

He brings the average amount of INF for a captain but he isn’t greedy as can only have 1 more as a max. His KICK is good for distance but only meh dice pool. He does have some OK stats but he has ways of boosting himself and others as we shall see..

Character Traits

Tough Hide – He hangs around long than most against being beaten up.

Stoic – He ignores the first push against him every turn, this is very powerful with his average melee range as he charges into someone itmeans he isn’t swinging in the wind against the players who can move him about. Although be wary around Fishermen with their many many dodges.

Knockback – We have seen this on Brick, basically when he hits anything each of his playbook results also have an additional 1” push and dodge that you can’t see. This on top of his playbook means he can really mess with an opponents placement of models. It also means it is harder to lock him in combat than you expect as he basically has a 2” push on 1 hit.


Lots and lots of pushes on his book, he does reasonable momentum generation (4/6 columns). He doesn’t dodge at all (outside of knockback), but he does bring some pushes also some larger ones at the top end but they are not momentum generating. He has reasonable chance of Knockdown (3 hits) and he is a pretty good tackler (2 hits) in fact all his tackle results will generate you momentum.

He has lots of chance for damage dealing as well, although only the low amounts will generate momentum (so those big swings will be held back for charges and potential wrap arounds). However with his plays he can bump that up to pretty scary levels, almost Butcher levels in most cases.

Heroic Play

Hammer Time – a massive aura that allows friendly guild models to use his plays as if their own. Very powerful as we shall see..


Quick note on all his plays the cost is misleading, as they all require you take an INF of a friendly model to activate the play (it is also short-range), which means it would cost 3 INF to activate all three. But it does mean there is no such thing as wasted INF in a Hammer crew. You over spend on one model who has done all they can, with these plays (with the Heroic play active) you can still make use of the left overs if you are in range.

Punishing March – Costs 0 INF – This allows him to gain a nice boost to his MOV, which takes him up to Fishermen levels of speed.

Iron Fist – Costs 0 INF – This makes him a scary combat beast as he gains +1 DMG to his playbook damage, which at the top end is nasty. Even the lower end is going to make a lot of players nervous to have him around.

Ball Hog – Costs 0 INF – This makes him a better goal scorer as that meh KICk dice pool gets a boost which makes him edge toward average Fishermen goal threat.


So we have a Swiss army knife of a captain. As long as there is still friendly INF on the table he can be exactly what you need him to be at that point in the turn. Fast and good goal threat? sure, bring the pain and hand out some very nice damage? easy!

Timing his activation is going to be key as it will depend how you have placed INF around your team as to what he is able to do. But also how important his heroic is going to be for the team due to his final placement..

Get the most of him with this in mind is going to be tricky but if he clicks he is going to be very hard to deal with. He can easily stand in the middle of the pitch letting his team do the health lifting. Ball Hog makes the goal scorers even scarier, everyone faster and the damage dealers almost butchers!!!

Although saying that he can just go super saiyan and smash the opposition..

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2 thoughts on “Building the Masons (S2) – Hammer

    1. Cheers he is very interesting and he could end up just being a hitter. As the possible options is scary when you combine it with the rest of the team. Fast goal scoring brick anyone? 😉

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