The Alchemist Formula – Smoke

Its time for some mirrors as well I have the Smoke already.


She is slow, like Boar slow (but that is easily tweaked as we shall see). Her TAC is also poor especially for a captain not even average for the game. Her INF is average for a captain as is her DEF and some ARM as well.

The standout is her KICK it brings an amazing amount of dice to the pool while also only having a small range on it. There is a reason for this as we shall see…

Character Traits

Cloud Jumper – Her big trait it allows her to be placed within any AoE that she can target with 4” which means her low-speed suddenly becomes significantly larger and without the worry of parting blows. As that 4” plus the length of the AoE plus her MOV suddenly she is moving more than 12” that is fishermen speed!!

Unpredictable Movement –Advance into her melee range and she can skip away (dodge 2″) once per turn, just to make her but more survivable. But as always watch out for that 2″ melee..

Momentous Inspiration – Last seen on Ballista, this helps boost early game Momentum generation when you consider the likes of Calculus and Mercury. Does become less important later into the game but certainly helps.

Legendary Play

Chemical Shower – Pretty straight forward play as, Smoke creates 2 AoEs that both do 3 damage to any models in one of them. Now this is condition damage so doesn’t trigger tough skin, so everyone takes the 3. These AoEs then stay around as poison AoEs which she can obviously move around.


A small playbook that gives us some access to momentous pushes and Tackle, however you don’t really want her in combat she isn’t going to get you much out of going unless she charges. Keep her out as a goal threat and using her plays to get AoEs everywhere…

She could get wraps on the charge it has to be said BUT you would need to be in need of Momentum to do that (or want the ball).


Smoke Bomb – Costs 1 INF, Creates a cover AoE which is handy with cloud jumper. Means she can reach some pretty impressive speed! Also moveable cover is always handy..

Alchemy Mix – Costs 1 INF, Allows her to create a new AoE from one that is already on the board which is a duplicate (copy a burning you get a second burning etc.). Which is placed in base contact with the original. Can only do this once a turn but you can create a wall of AoEs your opponent wont want to get near.

Chemical Breeze – Cost 1 INF, Allows you to move an AoE on the board (placed by friendly model) up to 4” from its current location. This counts for any models ending up within the AoE after its movement as if they had moved into it. So therefore taking the ongoing effect from the AoE. Targetting models that have already gone means you can really stack the different conditions from the alchemists.


She is the Queen of conditions and AoEs, in the right team she can litter the pitch with them that makes it that the opposition is going to have to take some conditions to get anywhere. She is an a great goal threat and it isn’t straight line threat either as her cloud jump makes it so she can go more or less where she wants which is incredibly powerful.

Her cloud jump gets around a lot of issues in the game from counter charge to Unpredictable Movement so use this to your advantage. If you do play the condition game, you are going to want her to go later in a turn so you can get conditions on the opponent with less reprisals or using MP to remove the condition. This means her team becomes a goal threat but also a team of a thousand cuts as players just keep taking 1-3 damage a turn maybe more if you have Venin on the board. Although it would take a while it does weaken teams far quicker than you expect so keep that in mind.

A very unique captain that offers a goal scoring/damaing dealing way to play that no-one currently gets close to duplicating.

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