Back on the wagon after a long christmas break, so what have we missed then?

Well the GW model of stand alone games continues with the Deldar jetbike battles, which looks pretty cool although hopefully they let us use more than bikes and hellions!

I have been struggling with the hobby recently, not helped by the new baby throwing the night rhythm out slightly. Suppose he is cute so is forgiven, for now 😉

Anyway with this in mind, I am thinking of launching a personal #TOMB (Tale of Malifaux Blogger). As at the moment I have a lot of ressers that need painting. So in theory I wont be buying much but I will be able to set some goals out and get some games played even if only Vassal.

Games This Week

Some practice for the Infinity event, as we try to get to grips before the event… I also played with myself some Dropfleet Commander to get my head round the rules. Here are some of the things I learnt;

  • Shifting orbits is pretty damn important.
  • The launch section and ground game, is a really odd sub-game. Like the ring half-pipe in Sonic 🙂
  • Burnthrough lasers are horrible.
  • Anything in atmosphere is horrendous to shift.
  • Getting two 7 results on catastrophe table is messy….5 frigates gone and plenty of damage on cruisers.
Hobby This Week

Trying to finish off the list I am taking to the infinity event. Then onto who knows plenty of stuff to keep me busy 🙂

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Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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