Beared-itorial – EoY 2016

Well its the end of the year nearly.

This will be my last post of any real content till the new year as I am off to have much food and drink.


First up Wargamers All Against Cancer has again gone beyond my expectations and we now have a rolling total of over £15000 raised for MacMillan which is huge thank you all who took part; be it in donating cash/models/time you have made a little bear very happy 🙂

Like really £15K that is just amazing

2016 Gaming

Lots of Guild Ball played at the beginning of the year with plenty of events attended (even a podium :O but also a spoon as well 😀 ). That has petered out into the back of the year, however Malifaux has filled the void nicely. Not many events outside of Guild Ball and to be fair not many events full stop, been a major lull this year.

2017 Gaming

So what does this mean for 2016?

Well I am hoping to have more of rotation going on with my systems to give everything a chance to be played, maybe on a monthly basis. I said this last year but who knows maybe this will be the year I manage it!!

Hopefully this is the only thing I am aiming to do for the coming year. Use all of my collection 😉

2017 Systems

Systems wise I think I am pretty set up for 2017.

Malifaux – Honestly still king even after the crown prince of GB came in, Faux came rocking back. Still love the game and with the number of masters I have plenty of scope lol.

Dark Age – Came out of the blue this year, just because it is actually an old game getting a new lease of life. Which is amazing as its great fun and the newer models are sexy!! Hopefully with the UK scene growing with the new distributor.

40K – Still have my Eldar and still love them but finding time to fit a game in is. I will be honest I am really hoping for it to be given at least a partial AoS treatment going into 8th edition (rumoured for Q2 last I noticed). As the bloat is too much I am less full after Christmas dinner!!!

Warmachine – with my Menoth, honestly the new edition has left me cold well and truly. I cannot get excited at all about the game at the moment. Will this change in 2017 I can’t say which is a shame as I did enjoy the game.

Guild ball – Going into season 3 I think I am going to be slimlinining my collection. As I burnt out hard on the game with it taking over all gaming at one point this year. I am yet to get going again due to this so hopefully we will see some more games but a bit more controlled going forward…

AoS – I have the models for Stormcasts and some Slynaveth and have to say I want to get more games in. The bloat and huge army set up of WFB is gone and I love that, just need to find time to actually get a game in now with all the systems I play 😀

New 2017 Systems

The obvious one is Dropfleet Commander, as well it is a christmas present so needs some game time. I know there are some grumpy out there due to the KS, but when has a gaming KS ever run to time and when it does its either small or pretty unique. There are not many out there!!

Next is Mythos we are nearing the retailer release of the game (May-ish) and I have been helping with the playtesting and I am loving the game.

But for now enjoy the break and if you celebrate Christmas may it be spent with loved ones and may Santa grant you some new shiny things 😀

Make sure you check out my sponsors the best malifaux shop around and also carrier of many other shiny things 🙂 all at a great price. Please order using the link below I get a warm glow and hopefully we get a bricks and mortar store sooner 😉


Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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