Meat The Butchers – Fillet

Been a long time coming but finally we get to have a look at Fillet and her bleedy goodness.


She is the fastest butchers model around, outpacing all if she wants to. Her TAC is terrifying she matches the big guy Boar. Her KICK is decent she isn’t a striker but with her speed she is a credible goal threat. Her DEF is really high and as such she has no ARM as you would expect. While her INF generation and max take is average for a captain.

Character Traits

Blood Dance – Whenever she damages (playbook only) an enemy model that is suffering bleed she gets to make a free dodge which combined with her playbook anyway makes her very much a slicing pinball of death…

Smell Blood – Seen elsewhere in the guild, but this makes her even faster when Bleed is on the board and also makes her hit harder as well and very scary mix indeed.

Haemophilia – A nice bubble of healing that could in theory net you 6 HP back if your opponent was unfortunate to have lots of bleed around. Usually though this will get her 1/2 HP back, which is still pretty handy.


Her playbook brings lots of momentum on most columns (4 and 6 don’t have any) and as she is a butcher lots of damage done momentously. She does have a momentous Tackle on 1 which is worth remembering as she is fast enough to go looking for the ball. With the boosts to DMG output she has available she can be a one woman wrecking ball and your opponent will be mindful of this.

Legendary Play

Exsanguniate – Can make her pretty dangerous as it hands out damage to anyone suffering the Bleed condition. If done late in the turn this can quickly become 6 DMG once the bleed damage happens in the maintenance phase.


Quick Foot – Costs 2 INF, it is pretty expensive but the extra 2” this adds to a friendly model is going to give plenty of models some serious threat especially the likes of Boar or even one of the strikers.

Pain Circle – Costs 2 INF, All models under the AoE take a point of DMG and also Bleed as well as leaving an area of bleed on the table. Pretty nasty, if a little expensive does mean she can hand out Bleed at distance and then charge in to cause even more damage.

Blood Rain – Costs 2 Guild Balls (4/7 hits), this does a small amount of damage but also tags all enemy models nearby with bleed which is pretty nasty and can easily open up some nastiness late turn with her legendary


A very different captain to Ox, where he is in the middle ensuring his team sweep away the opposition as a support style captain (but who can still hit) we have a captain that does the sweeping.

She can hit so hard and with Bleed being a very nasty condition she can easily make life painful for a team. She can be buffed depending on the team she is used with, the likes of Meathook can directly buff her twice with tooled up and Bleed. Don’t she isn’t just a throat threat she is a goal threat as well. With her speed and dodges available she can really go to town and score some goals for the butchers.

Her biggest issue is that like all more selfish captains (looks at Shark) you can telegraph your aims for the turn and as such a canny opponent will aim to shut her down. She can kill/score with the best of them but she wont leave much INF for your team.

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