The Alchemist Formula – Venin

When you really really want poison on the board you bring the man who gives it a way in his name…Its Venin time.


He is pretty decent for his speed, he can keep up with all but the likes of Vitroil and Smoke. His TAC, DEF, INF are all average and he does have some ARM. His KICK is interesting as the dice pool is small but he has a great range. He makes an OK emergency striker or good for feeding the strikers in the team. Although momentum for a boost maybe helpful..

Character Traits

Poisonous Fumes – You get to close to him you get poison.

Venomous Strike –If he hits you, you get poison!! Did I mention he likes poison?!

Heroic Play

Coagulation – Nasty play this one, as any model suffering from poison also gains the bleed condition. This is a small bubble but timed right can hurt a lot of players and these 2 conditions combine equals healthy damage!


He has reasonable momentum generation (4/5 columns) with plenty of dodges and some damage output. He also has a pretty easy to get momentous tackle as well.

His book is deceptive due to the amount of potential damage he can do with his trait for poison and also his heroic.


Melting Body – Costs 0 INF, gives himself poison but then he gets and ARM boost, which is really nice. What is worth nothing is he can remove the poison using Momentum and still gets the ARM for the turn and if he already has poison again its free ARM for the turn.

Sacrificial puppet – Cost 1 INF or 1 Guild ball (3/5 hits), If he hits the model with this they take a small amount of damage (remember his traits) but also the next time Venin would take damage from the playbook he passes it onto the model hit with this.

Does mean he still gets knocked down and tackled etc. but at least he wont take any damage.


A poison generating machine that can be pretty hard to take out, that can in the right situations generate a lot of damage for your team. Now he comes at a double-edge sword as you get best out of his Melting Body he needs to go early BUT then his condition game is easier for the opponent to deal with as they have time to generate MP to remove all your hard work. A tricky model to get the best out of for this, he is certainly a player that has to play what is in front of him as it dictates how you use him and how your opponent deals with him.

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