Its nearly Christams….the shiniest time of year 😉


We are getting close to the Kickstarter launched by Wyrd for their new game. So some initial thoughts about something we don’t know much about 😉

The factions all sound cool and the artwork has the warm fuzzy glow of familiarity about it 🙂

The larger skirmish to army scale is fine, looks like lots of big stompy things as well which is cool. However, it wouldn’t be an opinion if there wasnt some negatives. Playing on a 6×4 I find restrictive at the moment due to kids toys everywhere, max 4×4 is what I am preferring. It is amazing how much that extra 2ft can be difficult.

The single cast models again a lot of people are put off by, I am going to be interested to see how they achieve that.  Surely it is only for the infantry as those big robots would be horrible things to clean up and paint if 1 piece!

Finally it is a KS which is all well and good, for something so new and different from their normal IP i don’t play wyrd for going for the relative safety of KS. But why?! why run a KS other the christmas period?!!!!

It starts on the 14th of December you would assume at least 4 weeks at the minimum. What would possess them to run it now? OK people may have spends due to present after Christmas but then it doesn’t give you long for the stretch goals these big projects have in general. Screams madness to me, but what do I know 🙂 anyway good luck to them and I am sure I will be tempted at some point as I am a bit of a hobby magp……SQUIRREL!!!

Blood Bowl

Finally got to play BB this week, the mechanic is simple an easy to learn as the whole game appears to be. But for me not sure it tickles my spot, didn’t leave me wanting more. Which is a shame as the new sculpts are dam sexy!

Games This Week

Got a game with Molly this week against a Von Schill crew. Was a hard slog but in the end came up with a 3-3 draw.

Hobby This Week

Painting my K3 still plus maybe some Zipp action as well if I get organised..

Make sure you check out my sponsors the best malifaux shop around and also carrier of many other shiny things 🙂 all at a great price. Please order using the link below I get a warm glow and hopefully we get a bricks and mortar store sooner 😉


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