Art of War Studios (Guild Ball) Review

Welcome to a review of some of the exciting and shiny things that AoWS are kicking out at the moment.

Today I am going to be looking at some of their Guild Ball products.

Guild Ball AOE Template

Price – £9.99 for a set (Or £2.99 individual)

First up, some of the various AoEs that are available, all of them come with this really cool inner effect. Which adds some flavour over just a plain ring put also make it pretty easier to spot what they are actually doing on the field beyond squinting at the words.

They are all finished with the sort of Celtic band around circle, which is very much the AoWS signature across their ranges. Which is very nice and can be painted up a treat if you wish.

So what templates can you actually get? Well you can get a poison cloud, which is very much the look of sludge (only word I can think of).

Rough Ground with the ‘cracked’ earth look is great, I do have concerns about this one and only because I am clumsy so not sure how robust the cracks will be in the long run. Does look amazing though..

Fire cloud is pretty sweet and has to be my favourite of the 4.

Last is the smoke cloud which looks as you would expect, all cloudy…..

Plus just for proof a picture with battered tape measure they are all 3” on the button which in such an exact game like GB this sort of thing is very important.

Guild Ball Momentum Token Set

Price – £2.99 (Guild specific £1.99)

Next we have the sexy gold momentum tokens, these are great little tokens and if you are one of the players who likes to track their momentum with tokens (over dice/dials). Then this set is going to be for you, and always remember Gold is for winners 😉

Other colours are available but pfft gold is where it is at.

Guild Ball Measuring Stick Complete Set

Price – £7.49

Finally we have the Sticks! ALL the Sticks…

The complete set offered by AoWS is a one-stop purchase as it gives you 4” through to 10” which should cover any situation you will need in the game.

They are nice and sturdy made of thick plastic so these things are not going to bend. They also come with the same signature Celtic band.

Finally like the AoEs and with the importance of keeping things exact each stick is spot for measurements.


These are great token sets and the price is amazing for the amount and quality you are getting. It is worth going onto the site (click the button at the top) as the options are huge for each guild etc.

The quality is across the board with only the rough ground AoE giving me cause for concern but that is because how rubbish I am!! You will not be disappointed for all your guild ball shiny 😉

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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