Death by Purgatory Review

Hello and welcome to the day of Purgatory across my various mediums πŸ™‚

Alongside the chat we had on F&A, I was also lucky enough to get my hands on one of their Death models which will be coming to the KS.

But first some fluff to tempt you all with;

Before Death: When Adam was exiled, Eve thought that God would forgive Adam and allow him to once more walk amongst his children. The years passed as if days and Eve cared for and nurtured her many children as any mother would, confident that God would someday return Adam to her.

Their children grew old and had their own children in turn. Each son choosing a new path and direction to expand and build upon the idea of man. As they did so, Eve grew old and frail, lonely and companionless. As time marched ever onwards, God saw bitterness and resentment take root in Eve’s heart and for the last time he came to Eve and gave her a choice……..

If you want to read more than follow the LINK!!

With that little temptation out-of-the-way, time for some model fun πŸ™‚

The box the model comes in is pretty damn nice and a very different feel to the old plastic blister we are all use to. I have asked the guys and been told that for both the KS and going into retail in the future that they will continue to ship in the boxes like this. It will just be less ‘clean’ as we will see stickers with info on them. So you know what the model looks like, perhaps slightly less artisan but infinitely more helpful πŸ™‚

So what do we get in the box then? Well a model *shock* a (40mm) base *faints* plus some lovely little art work pieces. Including a postcard and playing card. Both are really nice and I look forward to more of this artwork in the future. We also get a sticker as everyone loves a sticker πŸ™‚

Obviously no stat card yet but they will be soon.

Also worth mentioning I also received a short story in my care package. People are going to love the fluff in this game it’s very cool, with a touch of (dark) humour as well.

Now for the bit you are all here for gratuitous upskirt shots of old models o_O

So Death comes in three parts (at KS and Retail it will be 4 parts as all models will be rocking a resin base insert as well, but they are not finished when I got her). The resin is nice and sharp with plenty of detail on the model, again as the guys are a new company they are already making improvements. Their casters are using a different resin going forward into KS, so I am told there will be less bending going on with newer models.

Although to be fair its only on the scissors that you notice it.

The sculpt is clean with hardly any flash! just some small sections on the arms and feet.

Grandma needs a bra o_O the face is nicely detailed and really endures the model as being old and grumpy.

What does any death need? some nice scissors to cut thread to life! and what better way than 2 swords….

I love the Nora Batty tights and the slippers, gives the model the ultimate ‘homely’ feel while still pulling along massive scissors.

Finished Model












Being only 3 parts building wasnt taxing and you can see that there is no obvious mold lines anywhere. I do wonder if it is worth adding a walking stick to her right hand that is almost ethereal as it disappears when she starts swinging with those scissors.


Overall, if this is the quality of sculpts the guys are going for. Purgatory is going to be a blast to paint for. Plus with low model counts at least means the ‘resin cost’ isnt as harsh as say a full FW army πŸ˜‰

Want find out more? head on over to the their Facebook Page and also Website. But FB is where to get the most up to date info.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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