So it has happened again, I havent burnt out on a game! It may not surprise anyone but after the majority of this year. I have fallen out with Guild Ball! It was always going to happen, it happened with Malifaux!!

So for now you may notice a slow down on GB content as I look elsewhere for my fix 🙂 and boy do I appear to have plenty on my plate :S

Malifaux is back and running (although be sensible not to burn out), Bushido is moving along nicely so expect more chatter about that. Dark Age is growing as well and hopefully they sort out the UK distribution as the game has HUGE potential. I am also eyeing up Batman game as well as the system in the new rulebook makes more sense than it use to and sounds fun.

More shocking is I am back on the AoS bandwagon, the aim is to finish the Stormcast I have BUT I also have some trees coming as the let’s get started Sylvaneth box with the treeman in actually gets me to 2000pts in the new point system! Dammit all those years of failing to collect an army as I lose interest after 500pts is no long an issue……Down the rabbit hole we go.

Infinity Idiots

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Games This Week

Couple of games against spuddy this week, a bad lose for the Morticians against this Butchers and a loss my Outcasts against his.

Hobby This Week

Close to getting a fair amount of the JD crew sorted which is cool. Think I am going to start my Bushido after that and see how I get on.

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Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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