Beared-itorial – Wyldhammer Report

So that was the weekend in which I survived the Wlydhammer WAAC event, first the guys did amazing with the help of the Battlehammer they managed to raise around£800 for WAAC with the raffle on the day and Masons Raffle, speaking of Masons you can see the draw here;

Head to about 27 minutes to see it happen live-ish…

So the day itself was great fun, although a 5am start and 1am finish meant the lads from Yorkshire Guild Ball had a 20hr day o_O with 5 games of Guild Ball sandwich in. As you may know I took hunters with me on this one, it’s a team that I havent gelled well with and always struggle outside of their plan A.

Which meant I was going for fun and to see how they faired outside of playing Fillet all the time…It didnt go well I ended up getting the spoon. Something I never managed to do this is both an amazing thing and also rubbish. I love I finally have one but gutted that a mixture of tiredness and the hunters meant I wasnt in the top half of the table as I have been in other events.

I will say this that my dice hated me all weekend, I have never seen such dire rolls. Even in the spoon game in round 5 my dice had decided that I was not having any luck. 11 dice charge by Seenah into Fahad (yes I lost a hunter off) netted me one 5!!! Yes not even a 6!!!

I did enjoy all my games, even against Straw! and the whole was great fun, I am not going to do a run down as usual as I can’t remember any of the games beyond below average dice and by the time I write this my memory she is blank. However I did learn some things;

  1. Fillet is filth and also incredibly popular
  2. Mr Cannon only lives #20mins away from Ferrybridge services, ask him about his journey sometime.
  3. The A17 and A47 are the dullest roads in existence
  4. Spuddy has an unnatural obsession with MacDonalds
  5. You can’t buy fish and chips in Great Yarmouth, only chips and sauce!! It’s the seaside!
  6. Need more practice against Hammer and Scalpel, 2 captains we don’t see much of round our way.
  7. Hunters are not for me unfortunately, I don’t have a plan B with them.
  8. Its amazing what you can get people to do for charity 🙂
Games This Week

Some more malifaux this week in which JD took on Guild McMourning, I ended up with another draw but another round and I could have nicked it. Another great game and glad to have the gaming cleanse after a LOT of guild ball this year.

I also rocked a vassal game again using JD against Seamus and managed a win mainly down to opponent messing his schemes up. I did manage to run Wrath in this list and cheap hitty henchmen with oathkeeper is fun apparently 😉

Hobby This Week

More work on the Jack Daw stuff should keep me busy and out of trouble for a while.

Make sure you check out my sponsors the always friendly if in South ‘Yorkshire’ gaming store the Outpost where you can get 20% off RRP on their site.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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