Kukulkani Starter Box Review

Another day another review, this time we dive back into Dark Age and look at one of the newest factions around. The Kukulkani, forever to be known as Triple K as I will keep mispronouncing the name..

We are going to be looking at the starter set, the NEW improve starter set which like the Forsaken has been pumped up from its original 300ish points to a much more rounded 500 points let’s get gaming size.

Like the Forsaken review this is hot of the press so no shiny box for me to show you juts the contents that you can expect.

Triple K (1)

First up is the boss the man the SUPREME War Captain.

This has to be one of the trickiest kits I have come across for Dark Age so far, mainly for a couple of the small parts. He comes together pretty easily though (shout out for super glue accelerant).

So the majority of the kits is really easy to deal with as you can see.

Triple K (2)

However that head is going to be tricky as you can see the temple fins are small parts that may make you swear as pinning would be a mighty problem.

Triple K (10)

Despite that, he is a great looking model full of character and little details, the little grooves in the gauntlet are going to be fun to paint and are screaming out for some OSL.

Next we have the creepy Harvester models, who are just walking batteries for the Triple K. They are pretty nice, a little dull but that works in their favour as well fodder for the army.

Triple K (3)

Nice and easy to put together, let the Aztec zombies come for you 🙂

Triple K (9)

Next the basic troops for the Triple K, the Warriors. These guys are very cool in general for Aztec warriors if you are looking for some for a project these guys are worth picking.

Triple K (4)

The models were easy enough to in general, although word of warning on the out-stretched army holding the shield on the right. His hand is separate to the shield and the shield/forearm is separate from the torso. So like the head fins on the captain you will need to be careful.

Triple K (8)

Very cool models and very dynamic, even the hunched one looks like he is ready for some trouble.

Next we have one of the Big Guys, in the shape of the Honour Guard.

He is surprisingly low number of parts, what this does mean is he is a little static.

Triple K (5)

However, saying that it works, this is a guy he just does not move from his role as a guard and boy is he imposing. Has to be my favourite model of this kit, I also like that the shield is more symbolic than any use to defend himself. But then who needs to defend when they have a weapon like that?!

Triple K (13)

Finally piece for this set is the biggest in the shape of Ah’Chu’Kuk, now forever known as Norris 😉 Like the Honour Guard for the size of the model the number of bits are not too large.

Triple K (6)

He does have a great look, as he strides across the planet ready to smash anyone who gets close to him.

Triple K (14)

Triple K (15)

Norris is just a fun model, completely bonkers but a great one. I would say it took me a while to attached the 2 smaller L-shaped fins, but I did manage to spot the holes on the left arm.


This is amazing value box (when it has a box 😉 ) and like the other start set gives you plenty of scope to learn different facets of the game

Last the Family shot of everyone..

Triple K (7)

The price of this fine kit has not been finalised at time of writing but I have been told we should be looking at around the $60 mark. Which really for what you get is not bad at all.

6 thoughts on “Kukulkani Starter Box Review

  1. Nice review! I particular like the before assembly and post priming shots. Gives a great idea of what you are working with.

    I think the Triple K are more niche than the Forsaken, and personally I don’t think I would ever pick them up if I was going to play, but they are still nice models. I think my favourite models are the 2 zombies. They’re quite subtle and I like that. But saying that, the culture the army is based off were not known for their subtlety.

    Oh one last thing: it’s Mayan, not Aztec :p

    1. There is always one who has to be picky 😉 Mayan/Aztec same difference…. I like the technology has an organic feel about it all.

    2. There are these three or four fiddly little, frikkin’ knife bits that are impossible to glue on. What is it with brilliant looking miniatures and ridiculously fine pieces that HAVE to be stuck on?

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