Forsaken Starter Box Review

Welcome one and all to an exciting review of shiny models. Now for those that missed out on the rules review go HERE! For everyone else get ready for a fun look at the new style starter sets from CMON for Dark Age.

First on the block is the unaligned Forsaken box, although I say box these are so new that they came in blisters but expect this to be nicely packaged on release.

Forsaken (6)

Now for those in the know may notice that is a lot of models for a starter set. Well there is being an upgrade to the starter sets. No longer will they be floating around the 300pt range, instead we get a 500pt box, which means straight out of the box you are playing a good-sized game of Dark Age.

Plus, since 750 seems to be the way some events will be going then you are only a couple of blisters away from a legal tournament sized list.

So what do we get in this set then, first up a Warwind

Forsaken (8)

The leader of this merry force, as you can see and it is true for all the models in the box he is a metal model. For people who have got use to plastic minis and avoiding super glue I will say that pick up some super glue accelerator trust me that stuff makes life so much easier..

Anyway, something true of this kit and the others, is the parts are not numerous so even a beginner shouldn’t struggle with these models.

Forsaken (5)

Something worth pointing out is all the bases are lipped type but also come recessed so plenty of space for inserts if you go down that route, which would look amazing.

I went cheap and just filled them in to look like wasteland in general. These types of bases make such dynamic models a little tricky as pinning can be an issue, so some thought is needed if you use the bases supplied or bite the bullet and pick up some normal lipped bases.

So the actual Warwind model is very dynamic you would not want to take a charge with him swinging like that. Plenty of detail but not swimming in it as he doesn’t really need it. No need for trinkets on this chap.

Next is another commander model in the Deacon..

Forsaken (13)

Again not many pieces to deal with and nothing to fiddly. Well except the guard plate..

Forsaken (17)

Forsaken (1)

So here we have a model that is created when a Cowboy and Priest do unmentionables to each other..

Whereas the Warwind is dynamic and low on detail, we swing the other way with Deacon. This is a man who makes sure he has what he needs at all times, he is certainly going to be fun to paint. But the best part of this model is the gun, who doesn’t love something that is just so bonkers?! I am not sure if he wants to night-stick people or blow them away.

Next we have the Diskmaster, someone who is mad enough to have 2 razor-sharp disc shooters for arms….what could go wrong?

Again as you can see the number of parts is on the low amount, but still allows for a pretty cool looking pose. All I can say is PEW PEW?

Forsaken (11)

Those coil launchers (discs of dooooom) do look very cool.

Forsaken (3)

Forsaken (4)

As mentioned, the pose is simple but gives the impression she is bracing herself ready for the kick-back from the weapons. Or at least keeping herself away from the discs.

The final individual in the set is the Field Medic and her bag of tricks.

Forsaken (12)

One of my favourite models, middle of a battle…don’t mind me just going to have a dig around in this bag…..oh look I have a corn plaster will that help 🙂

Forsaken (2)

Just a really nice model, I love it.

Finally we have the grunts of the Forsaken army, the Banes. These guys are the fodder in your army yet with squadlink around still can make an impact in a mob attack. As you would expect from cheap generic troops they are pretty simple as models to put together

Forsaken (10)

But they still have a lot of movement  about them and fit the idea of guys (and girls) that want to get into the mix and hit people with their large sticks.

Forsaken (16)


These new box sets are great value for what you get in them, a fully functioning army that gives you access to a fair amount of the rules in the game. It also helps that despite not being one of the Saints personal troops they do actually look pretty cool as they are. Finally, the family photo with everyone together..

Forsaken (14)

So the cost of these are still very much not finalised at time of writing but I have been told we should be looking in the $60 area for cost which is not too shabby for the number of miniatures you are getting.

4 thoughts on “Forsaken Starter Box Review

  1. Really nice write up. Like you I think the medic is my favourite.

    I love that these models are metal, and yet keeping with the modern posing/dimensions we are seeing from other great manufacturers like Corvus Belli, and Steamforged. As someone who prefers to work with metal over plastic, it’s great to see that not everyone is moving over to plastic.

    One thing that I’m thinking however – you mentioned in FnA that these were given to you from CMON for review purposes? It might be a good idea to put in a little disclaimer saying as much so there’s no confusion etc

    1. Cheers, they are fun models. I do get sent a fair bit in for reviews and can say I have never been swayed by that fact. But noted for the future.

      1. Oh yes, don’t get me wrong – under no circumstances does it come across as a ‘paid for review’. The only reason I duggested putting a disclaimer up is that it removes the chance of people calling you on it or basically being dicks (there was a lot of this over the past year in regards to videogames, and putting disclaimers in became standard practice).

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