Beared-itorial – Bradford TCT Report

I lost my Father in Law last week, so this is the delayed and mostly forgotten post.

So that was the week after the tournament before…..or something like that!

Was suppose to be 4-game day but with drops and the like we only needed 3 games in the end.

Game 1 vs Butchers

Result: 12-8 with 2-1 goals scored.

Team Picked: Smoke, Flask, Calculus, Mercury, Vitriol, Decimate

This was a game of missed chances both of us; missed goals at the start and end of the game meant we had a really grind of a game but in the end I managed to scrape through with the win.

Stand-out moment – Shank missing the potential winning goal to let me take it in the next activation.

Game 2 vs Hunters

Result: 4-12 with 1-1 goals scored.

Team Picked: Smoke, Flask, Calculus, Mercury, Vitriol, Venin

I was on the back foot with this one from the start, against a well played Hunters a team. Certainly got to see what they are capable of.

Stand-out moment – Vitriol playing tag with a Bear..

Game 3 vs Engineers

Result: 12-8 with 3-2 goals scored.

Team Picked: Smoke, Flask, Calculus, Mercury, Vitriol, Katalyst

Well this was a very cagey game to start then the goals came quick and fast in the end. Enjoyable game that anyone could have won.

Stand-out moment – Vitriol scoring off a snap shot to win the game..


So in the end I went 2-1 with a 0 differential which considering I am not confinced by Alchemists still not too bad. I came around midtable but did manage to come away with best goal for my party popping goal 🙂

A great day overall and my thanks goes to Pundit Dave for running it and to everyone who helped raise nearly £500 for charity!!

Games This Week

Quick game of infinity this week in the garden :O manged to lose 1-3 but was still fun and I really enjoyed trying out the Combine Army.

Hobby This Week

Work continues on my Hunters, I am about half way through them. So should hit my deadline for the August WAAC event easily.

Make sure you check out my sponsors the always friendly if in South ‘Yorkshire’ gaming store the Outpost where you can get 20% off RRP on their site.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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