TT Combat Terrain Review

The lovely guys at TT Combat have been busy making oodles and oddles of fine MDF terrain. I have managed to get my mitts on some of the Eastern Empires range. So sit back and enjoy the review.

Bridges & Lanterns

TT Combat (2)

The package comes nicely wrapped and with a nice picture of what you are getting.

TT Combat (5)

The instructions are viewable on the back of package, now this may sound like a small thing but if you are looking into anything knowing how much fun  something is going to be to build can be important. No-one likes tinee tiny pieces. The exploded view also keeps things simple and straight forward for following the building process.

TT Combat (6)

The MDF used is pretty thick and is going to be very sturdy once built and glued, the larger pieces come out of the ‘mounting’ really easily

TT Combat (7)

The smaller pieces can be a little trickier, so make sure you are a bit more gentle with them and perhaps use a knife to loosen up the connection points.

TT Combat (8)

Now this stuff I have never seen in a kit before and is almost like paper (same texture as the hand towels you get in schools the green ones, you know the ones), although thicker. Suppose you could say its cardboard, but it sort of isn’t.

What it does do, is allowed for some extra detail on usually very flat MDF terrain pieces. Which is pretty cool and just makes the quality of the whole thing look better. But as it is cardboard like be very careful when using it. It will break easily YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED..

TT Combat (13)

So the finished bridge  and I have to say its pretty cool, robust enough thanks to the thick MDF but the cardboard sections add a little more detail. Meaning you can plug and play with this stuff and it not look too bad even unpainted.

TT Combat (15)

Scale works well for any 28-32mm model systems you are using.

TT Combat (16)

The additional lanterns in this kit are really nice and would make great starting points for objective markers in any game. If these were available separately I would be all over them :).

Although can be tricky to build again due to the thinner cardboard material, so caution is needed.

Small Minka


TT Combat (3)

Everything mentioned above can be said for this kit as well.

TT Combat (4)

Special mention for the roof on this kit, it is the same cardboard material but cut in such a way that you not only get a cool effect but you also get some bend in each section to achieve the curve of the roof. It’s very cool fun to play around with..

TT Combat (9)

Again the MDF is lovely stuff nice and sturdy for the ham-fisted out there.

TT Combat (10)

TT Combat (11)

Now the cardboard is again used to add more details to the kit, from the doors to the cladding on the outside of the building. It really does make these kits look the part and if you are wanting an oriental feel, you cannot go wrong.

TT Combat (12)

Remember when I said the roof was fun to play with? Well don’t be like me and end up being to rough and causing the roof to gain a hole.

Although by pure fluke and how the kits are put together you can get an actual cool looking damage to the roof if it was an abandoned building.

TT Combat (18)

The overall feel is great and it is also helped that the roof doesn’t need to be glued down which helps in games.

TT Combat (17)

As you can get models on the inside and they offer a decent size piece of terrain , while losing no structural rigidity during playing with the roof off.

TT Combat (1)


Both of these kits come rocking in at under £7 a pop, which means you can easily populate a board quickly and cheaply. For the price you are getting some very cool looking thematic kits. That can survive the rigors of gaming (and storage), the cardboard sections are an amazing idea and really add some additional detail/texture to the kits that you wouldn’t otherwise get (without extra cost needed).

The TT combat stuff is worth a look as you would struggle to find such great kits for the prices they offer. They even last time with me bashing away at them 🙂

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