Tinkering the Engineers (S2) – vVelocity

Veteran players, which are variations on existing characters as they progress through the story arc. This means I have an actual comparison to make at the end between the type versions of a player.

Next on the Veteran machine is the 6 million dollar mechanica we have rebuilt her, Velocity is back.


She is fast (not Fishermen fast but she can get there), her TAC, DEF (she gets some ARM) and INF are all average. Her KICK is something we have seen in Engineers before great dice pool but the range is a little short, although still average.

Character Traits

Goal Defence– While she stays near the goal it is harder to get the success on goal shots.

Hundred Hand Stance – While she is in the same Goal Defence area if the enemy miss the goal she gets to take possession of the ball without the scatter.

Fly Keeper – This has to be one of my favourite abilities in the game. You can decide at the start of the turn to drop goal defence and HHS. If you do you gain a little boost to your MOV and also get Unpredictable Movement. This allows vVelocity to play in 2 very different ways.


Her playbook gives her a decent amount of momentum generation (4/5 columns) she has plenty of access to pushes, with some dodges as well. 3/5 of her columns get a Tackle on them with the higher ones being momentous. She does a tiny amount of damage but nothing you want to consider really. She is a ball hunter.


Aggressive Defence – Costs 1 INF, she gains +2 TAC, which makes her pretty scary on the charge with wraps a very strong possibility.  

Smashed Shins – Costs 1 Guild Ball (2/4 hits), one we have seen before basically neuters any ball player in the game. Even Angel under Corsair legendary is only rolling 2 dice and that is huge, never mind the distance reduction as well. Great ability on a goal keeper..


The first multi-purpose player in the game, as she can quickly change her role. She can be as quick as a Fishermen while having UM. Or you use her as a goal keeper who can quickly turn defence into attack, which is a great visual idea. How you do this I think will depend on your opposition, but she works well in both roles.

She wants to get the ball, not necessarily to use to score but she can easily get the ball off most players, with wraps easy on the charge with her play. It does mean she can be INF hungry if she is hunting, however when she is defending she wont need much again tieing into that dual role.

Comparison between Velocity –  We have gone from speedy goal scorer to a total rebuild.

They have the same move, however vVelocity can be faster  (better threat range) but normal Velocity is still the bigger goal threat range (significantly better KICK).

Normal Velocity is incredibly difficult to hit (more so with Nimble), but she is an out and out striker (with close control as well) while vVelocity is your swiss army knife she can do what you need her to do depending on your situation. Depending how you want to play will greatly affect which one you lean towards and if you just want a goal threat or you want something you can play more adaptive with.

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