The Alchemist Formula – vKatalyst

Veteran players, which are variations on existing characters as they progress through the story arc. This means I have an actual comparison to make at the end between the type versions of a player.

Ever had a really bad hangover? Well Katalyst will beat you hands down. Do not drink anything green….ever!!


He is reasonable fast, his Jog is average but his sprint is much healthier. His KICK is terrible, like mascot bad. His DEF is also rubbish although he does have some ARM. His TAC is amazing at captain levels, and his INF is great as he brings 2 and can only ever have 2.

Character Traits

Furious – Well wouldn’t you be?! He gets to charge for free, which is pretty nice as it means he doesn’t need any INF on himself to get stuff done. But as always it can be shut down easily so be cautious.

Chemical Frenzy – If the enemy model has a condition on them, then he gets +1 DMG for playbook damage.

Deteriorating – He takes damage at the end of every activation he takes, which means if you want him to stay alive you will probably need to heal him. This is dependent on your opponents. Fish for instance may not be doing much damage in which case you can run him a bit hot before healing, while against Brewers/Butchers healing would be worthwhile.

Heroic Play

Witness Me – If he takes out a model, he immediately also gets taken out. Doing so bags you an additional +2VP. What this means is you could win with just 3 take-outs over the game. Although you would have given your opponent 6VP as well. It is situational but score an early goal and he takes a model out. Suddenly you could be 8-2 up, which means you don’t need to do much to get to 12 at that point. It is a fun ability but perhaps you wont see it too much.


A great playbook which has a bit of everything,  he has Knockdowns although not momentous, he has loads of pushes which is great with all the AoEs that can be on the board. He also has access to plenty of momentous damage as well. Overall though he has OK momentum generation with 5/8 of columns delivering. He does have a Tackle as well but that is probably not worth mentioning.


Intensify – Costs 2 INF or 1 Guild Ball (3/6/7 hits) – Once activated this does 2 DMG to all models in a decent size pulse that have a condition on them. With his base size this is actually a big area of coverage. Also all the columns this triggers on will also generate momentum as well which is great.


He is literally the Hulk, yes he slowly takes damage but 4 wounds on a chassis that starts with nearly 30 in a game that can be over in 3 or 4 turns wont kill him. It is just something that needs to be managed. He hits like a truck, if conditions are on the board he hits like Boar!! This is before the intensify play is consider for splashing damage around. He is also INF efficient as you don’t need him loaded up to be useful, this is great in the early turns as you get him into position while the rest of team use his INF for conditions and the like. (always remember knock-down is a condition as well). He is not subtle which makes for something of a change in Alchemists, but be wary of his Heroic Play it can be tempting to do it a lot but you don’t want to give your opponent an advantage in VP unneccessary.

Comparison between Kataylsts –  Went from controlled aggression to insane.

So normal Katalyst is faster than his bigger version, while vKataylst got more TAC but lost a lot of KICK and DEF, however the amount of INF stayed the same. But vKataylst gained a more efficiency due to furious. He also gained more melee reach so his threat went up but his goal threat went down.

vKataylst also got a straight boost to DMG against conditions while nKataylst has more bonuses but depends on fire condition being around.

Obviously vKatalyst is doing more damage but with the bonuses nKataylst could get better chances at a wrap around for more momentum generated.

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