Building the Masons (S2) – vHarmony

Veteran players, which are variations on existing characters as they progress through the story arc. This means I have an actual comparison to make at the end between the type versions of a player.

Sibling rivalry is an ugly thing and well it affects the best of them, Harmony is no longer so harmonious with her sister at least….


She is fast (not Fishermen fast), her TAC and INF are average. While her DEF is pretty good (but no ARM). Her KICK is also decent although she is not a striker just a good passer (or the odd chance to get a shot on goal).

Character Traits

Team Player – This allows friendly models nearby to pass any damage they take onto Harmony, I see this as situational as she doesn’t have much health but if it stops your opponent scoring VP. Then it is probably worth it, but use with much caution as you may end up leaving Harmony in a bad spot and give up the VP anyway.

Breaking Play – When she has activated all friendly (guild only so union can’t take advantage) models get extra DEF against character plays. This at least makes it harder for the likes of Engineers and Hunters to score those hits against the generally lower than normal Masons.

Animosity (Honour) – This basically means, vHarmony cant get the double activation that is allowed with Honour, only her normal version gets to use it.


Her playbook gives her an OK amount of momentum generation (3/5 columns) she has access to dodges as well as a column 1 momentous tackle and also some momentous damage as well. Which is always helpful, she is an effective getter of the ball as well as being able to get out of dodge when she needs to, helpfully all her momentum is on the low columns so at least she shouldn’t have a problem getting some for the team (she will need it Team Player).


Scything Blow – Costs 1 Guild Ball (5 hits) – the always nasty scything blow but with Honour you are only going to be getting this on Charge (plus she only has 1” melee zone). With it being non-momentous, it is perhaps not as popular choice as other players who have it, but it is still nasty.

Smelling salts – Costs 2 INF, great way of saving Momentum by spending INF instead helps heal and remove conditions. Depends on the team you are facing but has great potential to save condition damage and the like.  In a world with Smoke and Fillet and Brewers this will certainly have its uses.


She is now a support player (team player if you will), she has the potential to be great at going out and getting the ball for your team. But she also helps by sitting in the back field ensuring players are protected more from character plays and also controlling the strong condition game that has appeared in S2. All the while she can come in and do some smashing of faces if need be. With the scything blow on a 1” zone is a double edged sword, yes less of the enemy can be caught but you are also less likely to catch your own players in it. She actually works OK with either captain, as this version doesn’t need to worry about sticking close to Honour for the bonuses she grants and linked was situational when Honour was so good at controlling activations.

Comparison between Harmony –  Went from sister love to team love.

So both versions have the same MOV, DEF and INF the differences happen with the TAC and Kick dice pool which is both higher on vHarmony, this changes if nHarmony uses Honors stats but that is dependent on positioning.

The playbooks are almost identical with only some small changes, however the momentum generating picks are the same and in the same columns (as is place of  SB).

vHarmony also lost her ARM bonus she gets from being near Brick as well, which is a shame as is no more Acrobatic. However she gives more to the team with her traits and plays.

There is certainly a nice twist as we have nHarmony working best with her sister and wanting to be nearby to become better than she seems, while vHarmony actually it doesn’t matter which captain as she supports the team no individual. On the face of it vHarmony is going to be a strong choice of the 2 versions bu as always personal preference will decide.

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