While you read this I shall be taking part in a charity Guild Ball event in Bradford, which the might of my Alchemists will be gunning for that spoon! I want the spooooooooooooon!!!!!!

In other news with MK3 in full swing now after the ETC (well done to the Hobbit for not coming last! which is rubbish really 😉 ), I have myself a new faction for the new edition and it is one I have not played in a long time. Not the first loves of Khador or Trollbloods as I couldn’t get hold of any. Instead I have  gone back to church and joined up again with the tiny misunderstood  Protectorate. Which means I am currently figuring out what I want to play, eyes on the Exemplars and Kreoss (as my gut says its them or TFG as first theme armies we will see) but I am also going to playing the battlebox stuff as well he is pretty cool model.

Now I just need to figure out a paint scheme that doesn’t involve too much bone or white 🙂

Games This Week

No last-minute practice this week due to life throwing a fair number of curve balls this week!!

Hobby This Week

Work has started in earnest on the Hunters as I really need to get them sorted as soon as I can before summer hibernation. Hopefully a nice simple colour scheme will do it.

Make sure you check out my sponsors the always friendly if in South ‘Yorkshire’ gaming store the Outpost where you can get 20% off RRP on their site.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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