Netting the Fishermen (S2) – vSiren

Veteran players, which are variations on existing characters as they progress through the story arc. This means I have an actual comparison to make at the end between the type versions of a player.

Next on the Veteran trail is Siren and her scary look.


She is fast as you would expect of a Fishermen, her TAC is below average and her KICK is as expected for a Fisherman as well (her threat is still decent but she isn’t a striker). Her DEF is average but she doesn’t get any ARM. The INF is average as well.

Character Traits

Defence Support (Kraken) – While she stays near the big man she gets a Boost to her DEF. She isn’t terrible without him but every little helps.

Shadow Like – She gets to make a free dodge when she activates, assuming she has started in base-to-base with a model she can get away from anyone with this.

Escaping Fate – A new trait in S2 that is similar to reanimate, when she is reduced to 0 health she recovers 1 health removes all conditions and makes a 4” dodge. This means she can be pretty hard to kill as you need at least 1 more INF and with that dodge another activation to put her down. Wont always save her but it is still worth it.


Her play book is shorter than her TAC which will help he more when she charges in. She has plenty of push and dodges as you would expect. As well as momentum on all columns, surprisingly she actually has momentous damage (not seen much in Fishermen) and she can get her character play off pretty easily. For a Fish she actually has a relatively hard to reach Tackle as well.


Dread Gaze – Costs 2 INF or 2 Guild Balls (2/3 hits), this generates an aura around her which lowers all enemies TAC by 2. With the likes of ganging out possible this can really hamper models.


She can zip around, due to her speed and shadow like, to where she is needed. While also being pretty difficult to take out, although be worried about anything that can damage her without hitting especially if she is floating near Kraken. She is a reasonable momentum generator due to the smaller playbook vs TAC.

She is of course a decent user of the ball like all Fishermen, but she has a great debuff in her Dread Gaze. It can hamper a lot of models,(although charging models would be an issue as they still get a reasonable bonus). Anyone caught round her are going to struggle to get what they want in most parts, this is made worse by ganging out. Since the average TAC is 5 that suddenly become 3, that suddenly means its harder to get the results you need. She would be an interesting black-hole in the middle of the table with Corsair.

Comparison between Siren –  We have gone from seductive to scary apparently.

On the face of it both versions have near identical stats (playbooks even are very similar), the veteran gains a TAC but loses the 2” melee reach. But overall has a great goal threat range and charge range due to shadow-like. She has lost her access to ARM from Kraken, instead she gets DEF boost, having lost Charmed (but again less of an issue with great number of female players in the game). It does feel with have a Siren for each captain now. With Shark getting the normal version, which can move players around or quickly get the ball back (Lure and Seduction). While vSiren is a debuffer that can hide behind Corsair making it even more difficult for teams to get away from him, do not underestimate the minus to TAC. Both have their uses with the captains but I do think we can see a more split between which one you would take.

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