Raising the Morticians (S2) – Vileswarm

I am going to resist any bad gangster movie quotes about dirty rats…..it aint my style honest. Its time for Vileswarm.


Its MOV is standard for a Mascot as is its TAC, KICK and INF. However its DEF is average BUT without any ARM, which is a little unusual, so be more careful with it than you have been with other mascots.

Character Traits

Noxious Death – We have seen this on Compound, basically when it dies. It does a healthy amount of damage and also poison.

Vindictive (Human) – A new trait to season 2 sees Vileswarm charge for 1 less INF than normal (worded with Fear in mind). This actually makes it pretty efficient if you chose to but INF on it.


Short playbook that has some momentum plays on it, must notably some momentous damage (usually only get that on the charge though) but the double push is probably going to be the most used. It also has a Tackle but like most mascots that is more for disruption purposes then anything else.


Rabid Animal – Costs 2 Guild Balls (3 hits), a fitting play to give a lot of rats… hands out the poison condition  and a large MOV debuff as well. Pretty nasty any player particularly if they haven’t gone yet. However you are going to need to charge to get this off most of the time.


Pretty unusual mascot that as we have seen elsewhere goes together with a player not a captain.  (In this case vGraves), this means the rats can do a fair amount of damage on the charge especially with that cheap charge. You should treat Vileswarm like a missile, yes you will give up a VP when it dies BUT it will go out with literally a big pop. With 1 INF you could get charge resulting in at least 3 DMG (on average dice), then if it dies that is another 3 DMG possibly more with poison. That is a decent return on a model that you can bring back. This is obviously based on having vGraves on the board but that is no hardship really.

It is worth mentioning if you give up the VP placing him just right near Ghast can generate a LOT of damage from unmasking plus exploding rats.

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