Not sure I noticed anything exciting this week, beyond finally getting some matchbox cars to rough up to become part of the Gaslands showcase as I try out their rules 🙂

But this week has all been about the games, as the other half went on a hen do, this has meant I have had once the child was asleep some serious gaming time..

Games This Week

Game 1 – First real game of Infinity, a 200pt (the points level we have decided to stick to for now) mission using Supremacy. Which means table quarters and some hacking involved, Nomads VS Aridana. I basically took the Nomads starter plus Sin-Eater. I came out 5-1 up at the end of the game, which was great but we learned many lessons around TO Camo (cant surprise shot as an ARO) and a few things along the way.

Game 2 – Second game of Infinity same points, same mission, same list for me but this time against the might of the PanO. This game ended up a 3-3 draw in which we learnt snipers are brutal and drop troops are very sneaky especially with a boarding shotgun about and I need to think about my Lieutenant if I want them to be all gun-ho.

Game 3 – Now for some Guild Ball, in which the Hunters got another run out this time against Union and I decided to take the 2 new players and after a misplay on my part in the first turn it was all down hill from there ending in a 0-12 lose. Have to say that Seenah is not great and I honestly not sure where he fits in at the expense of anyone else in the team.

Game 4 – Now for more Guild Ball, this time against brewers and I dropped the Bear for the Hearne. In the end I won 12-8 but have to say. I am still struggling with the Hunters as I am using Pinned and the forest better but it is a lot of INF to sink into shutting down 1 player with no return momentum wise. I have time to get them down a bit better before an event in August but the spoon could be on with these guys.

Game 5 – This was some malifaux first time out with the Ressers and Molly. I ended up against Ramos and his crew of spiders. We got a 9-9 draw with me missing out on a final point with my rustiness with new schemes.
Was a great game in which I got to see some of what Molly is capable of, her summoning is unusual but also brutal all at once. I think timing is important as hitting stuff after they activate means the thing I summon is untouched.
Special mention to Yin for going down but being an amazing tar pit for me.

Game 6 – Some more Infinity, been on a roll this week.. more Nomads VS Aridana. This time we tried the YAMS system and have to say it is a great system to add loads of variation to games. I came out 7-2 winner getting all my missions, was a brutal game as all my shots seem to hit in the end I tabled my opponent.


This was the table and after trial area in first 2 games. I think with the help of Twitter we have hit a nice set up, lots of variation BUT the likes of snipers don’t dominate and need to work to get into a nice position.

So for Infinity with it being so intense, the games themselves at the moment are nice and quick. But I need to remember a few things like Gut Rolls, as most stuff just dies when something lives it is easily forgotten.

We are slowly adding in new rules, so Hacking has made a brief appearance but that will only increase. We also added in command tokens at game 3 and of course other missions like 20×20.

Hobby This Week

A mixture of nomads and stormcasts this week has kept me pretty busy. I am even eyeing up finally starting the Jack Daw crew…

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