Tinkering the Engineers (S2) – Mother

Always do what your mother tells you especially if she happens to be a mechanical spider.


Reasonably fast (but not the fastest around), TAC and DEF are average with some ARM as well. She does have a decent KICK for a mascot though. Range is still bad but that can be mitigated as we shall see. The INF is average for mascots but she can use more than usual.

Character Traits

Spider Nests – Allows her to place a nest marker within 6” once a turn and she can’t have more than 3 on the board at once. These are pretty nasty as they add a negative to any TN tests if they are near them these are going to be nasty.

Webbing – This is an incredible triat as if the ball lands near a nest marker, then you can remove the marker and give mother the ball. If they are placed just right can mean she can have the ball anywhere. Get her near the enemy goal and you can KICK the ball towards a nest and hope she can claim it ready to score a goal.


Short playbook that has some momentum plays on it, must notably some momentous push-dodge and also the double dodge. In general you are only going to be getting decent results on the charge. However the Tackle on column one, can mean she isn’t a bad retrieve of the ball. On top of her mobility she can certainly annoy the ball-playing teams.


Burrow – Costs 1 INF, this allows her to get 4” of extra movement (so ignoring parting blows) at the cost of a nest marker. Actually makes her one of the fastest Mascots around. But as an added bonus she gets to make an attack without INF spending as she pops out, it is only once a turn but allows mother to move around a lot.


A mascot that actually has a scary threat range on Goal. One of the sacriest from a mascot in the game. Her nests are also pretty nasty for your opponent to be cautious off. Never mind she can get possession anywhere on the board with them.

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