Building the Masons (S2) – Wrecker

ROLANDO….ROLANDO……ROLANDO Its everyone’s favourite moving ball.. Wrecker.


Reasonably fast and can keep up with most Mason models, TAC is average for a mascot as is its KICK, its DEF is poor but it comes with a lot of ARM as well and INF is standard for mascots but can  use a little more if you want.

Character Traits

Rollerball – A nice thematic trait, for the penalty of not making attacks for its activation, you gain the use of Ramming Speed for free and also +2 MOV. Which actually puts its speed into fishermen levels.

Follow Up – If a model leaves its melee zone it follows along, you do not get rid of this model, well unless you dodge.

That’s Not the Ball – Enemy models have to spend an extra INF to kick the ball. This can really annoy strikers but usually they have ways and means to not be engaged with models. But every so often this will stop the ball going anywhere when your opponent least wants it to.


Short playbook as you would expect but it gets momentum on most columns. Access to momentous Tackles and Knockdowns is pretty nasty especially on the charge while momentous 1 damage is also welcoming.


Ramming Speed – Costs 1 INF, makes sense for an armoured ball. It is situational really but we have seen what a well-placed push can do sometimes; especially if they don’t have 2” melee. With its healthy speed it could very well become a pinball bouncing off models and messing with auras and the like (handily it doesn’t target anyone so will ignore things such as Gluttonous Mass)


An unsual Mascot he is going to struggle to take the spot of Marbles if you need the Tooled up, however you are probably going to have more fun with Wrecker. Just have him rolling around pushing stuff into less advantageous positions for them (more so for you). While also annoying ball carriers no end. All that armour means it can usually take a hit even with such low DEF, even the likes of Gutter are going to struggle to get through.

It is very much like Brick in a way it doesn’t need any INF to do what you sort of need it to do. But it can actually annoy if you decide to give it some INF to attack/charge.

EDIT: it’s worth pointing out (thanks to the community) that when he balls up he can’t counter attack or parting blow as well

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