The Alchemist Formula (S2) – Naja

So the dirty snake in the grass has brought his dirty snake in the grass….Its Venin’s pet Naja.


Fast enough to keep pace with Venin (and with added range of melee zone is great). Her TAC is average for a mascot as is her KICK, DEF is on the high side but doesn’t comes with any ARM and INF is standard for mascots but you can give her slightly more than usual if you want.

Character Traits

Venomous Strike – Any damage she does will hand out poison, nasty with Venin about.

Unpredictable movement – Will know this is a great ability and made even better with the 2” melee the snake has, she is going to be hard to pin down.

Assist (Venin) – If she attacks the same model as Venin she gets a boost to her TAC and DMG output. Which is pretty nasty however this will need set up as usually Venin wants to go last with his Heroic Play for all the bleed.


Short playbook as you would expect but it gets momentum on most columns. She has access to momentous dodges and a small amount of damage (which is increased by being near Venin and of course poison).


Hypnosis – Costs 1 INF or 1 Guild Ball (2/3 hits), a great play to have access to, as it increases the INF cost of an attack or play for a model hit. This means it actually complete shuts down any model that only has 1 INF on them (Boar/Rage will cry if they are engaged) and also the bigger, easier to-hit models in the game are going to be cautious around the snake that’s for sure.


The snake is here to being annoying, she is pretty hard to pin down due to her large engagement and UM (only worry about Mallet) she obviously is going to be better with Venin on the board, but it is all about that Hyponsis play it is going to be pretty powerful against certain teams.

Now if you don’t need the free cover/Mercury is not on the board/ you really like intensify then the snake makes a pretty nice model to use. Hypnosis could prove to be pretty powerful as we have seen from what Fear can do on Ghast.

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