Meat The Butchers (S2) – Truffles

Here Piggy piggy pig…oh S&”% its actually coming.. Truffles is coming, this pig blows the wolf not the other way round.


Pretty slow for a mascot but she can at least keep up with some of the slower Butchers. Her TAC is average for a mascot as is her KICK, her DEF is a little below average and doesn’t comes with any ARM and INF is standard for mascots.

Character Traits

Tough hide – Will keep her in the game longer which is great.

Sturdy – She is so big he just rolls back round to be stood up if you try and knock her down.

Vindictive (Human) – This means the pig wants to charge humans and does so with little INF cost for you (always a good thing).


Short playbook as you would expect but it gets momentum on all columns which is great. This includes a momentous knock-down and damage on the other columns. This means on the charge you could be looking at least a Knockdown plus some damage as well. Thanks to the Vindictive rule charges are cheap so you have to worry less about using her as a missile.


Hog Wild – Costs 1 INF, an unusual play as it allows her to make a jog the next time she takes damage from a play/attack. This is interesting as it can mean she doesn’t get locked into combat BUT she would take a parting blow as it isn’t a push. So you are going to need to be very careful how you apply this.


While the mutt likes to stick near Boiler just to help him out, the pig is more free-roaming mascot and with vindicitive can give you a decent momentum to INF pay back (can easily give you 2 MP for 1 INF). I am not convinced by the Hog Wild play mainly as it can easily mean taking a tonne of damage against the wrong opponent

What we have is a Bacon missile that just goes about its business knocking people down!

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