Netting the Fishermen (S2) – Tentacles

The Octopi is HERE to the fanfare of all Fish but can it replace Salt? Its time to try to handle all those arms… Tentacle Time.


Pretty slow for a Fishermen but on par with Kraken and Corsair, its TAC is average for a mascot but it has a great KICK for a mascot (still low for a Fishermen but still), its DEF is average and comes with ARM as well and INF is standard for mascots.

Character Traits

Close Control – You try and get a ball of something with 8 legs…

Tag Along – An amazing ability as he is slow for a fishermen option, he moves when a friendly model moves this actually makes him pretty fast if he takes a ride with the likes of Sakana.


Short playbook as you would expect but it gets momentum on all columns which is great. This includes a momentous Tackle and the also pushes as well.


Blind – Costs 1 INF, we all know this is a nasty ability and ensures some of those big hitters are not so scary. Or neuter the opposition striker all viable options and worth having the INF on it to make use of the play most turns (if you hit).


He is a pretty good mascot who actually brings a different way of getting the ball if you wish to. On top of easy Tackle and Blind, he is probably going to be popular.

Now where does this leave Salt, I am afraid unless you want the bonus DEF on Angel he may not see the table as much anymore. On the face of it Tentacles is more useful to either captain at the moment. A decent ball keeper and annoyance especially against other ball playing teams. Getting that ball of it is going to cost as you need to get round close control and then deal with a potential counter attack. Means unless you have a knock-down its a lot of INF to get it off it.

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5 thoughts on “Netting the Fishermen (S2) – Tentacles

  1. Not to over look a 40mm base and 2 inch melee means the area of pitch he controls isn’t insignificant.

  2. salt with added tag along would be nice so he could keep close to angel , but angel tends to be the 1st drop for sakana or jac too…

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