State of the Union (S2) – Strongbox

Its time to continue the look into S2 models, I figured start with the mascots as had to starter somewhere 🙂 so with that its time to look at the slowest mascot around….Its Strongbox time.


So slow so very very slow as you would expect from a Giant Tortoise, his TAC is rubbish but then most mascots are. His KICK is actually not too bad although the range is poor. His DEF is rubbish but he has very good ARM (makes sense) and his INF is standard for mascots.

Character Traits

Tough Hide – He takes less damage which means with the damage boxes he has, he is actually pretty resilient.

Shelling Out – This is actually a really nice trait as it gives your team +1 TAC while near him but you also gain some extra MP when taking a model out which is very healthy thing to have around.


Short playbook as you would expect but he gets momentum on both columns which is great. He has access to Knockdown and Tackle (momentous), which is pretty good really.


Confidence – Costs 1 INF, same range as Shelling Out, this allows you to reroll dice during a character play/attack. With the likes of Gutter and Rage (either one) about this is very helpful and worth considering..


He is generally going to have to have 1 INF on him every turn as he either needs to be somewhere OR you want a player to have confidence. There is going to be the danger that he gets left behind due to the speed, but he does hand out some nice bonuses that it is worth getting him up there.

Shelling Out is wear he will earn his money (as both captains also boost TAC) he can really help the whole team get some of the those juicy higher total plays off. Or even get some wrap-arounds, however he is competing against the snake and it is going to be a tough call which mascot to take. I do think both offer options an extra INF and bonus time for free is great but handing out extra TAC (and MP) to more player without needing to activate also is very strong.

It will come down to preference and also if you can stomach that speed difference, this may end up being the call you make between the two reptiles. It is worth noting vRage can help the speed issue but it becomes INF intensive so maybe only worth first turn..

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