Fermenting the Brewers (S2) – Quaff

Who had the idea of putting a friendly dog onto a Guild Ball pitch?? All he wanted to do was sleep. Its time to Quaff away some ale..


He is about average for Mascot with his MOV although faster than a number of the Brewer players. TAC is average for a mascot as is his KICK, his DEF is average and comes with ARM as well. However, his INF is standard for mascots but can  use a little more if you want to.

Character Traits

Loved Creature – We have seen it before and if your opponent makes the mistake of causing damage to the dog then the team are going to be annoyed! The bonus TAC is just another TAC boost to the Brewers.

Bag of Quaffers – He can once a turn boost a non-captain model with +1TAC which for free is pretty nasty. Hooper would like this for some insane TAC when he gets all his little boosts.


Short playbook (shorter than his TAC) and he has momentum pushes on both columns. So in theory can keep himself out of trouble. He also has access to Tackle but you are probably only thinking this to mess with your opponents plans rather than using the ball.


Second Wind – Costs 2 INF, in a team which can be a little on the slow side giving them access to an extra Jog is pretty nice. The likes of the goal-scorers with the 4” push on top of this could be well out of harms way after scoring. Or you can get the likes of Tapper who has just taken someone out, out of an unfavourable threat range. Takes some forward planning but is pretty good in the right situation but is a tad expensive.


A completely buffing only mascot, in a similar way to Princess, but with the whole team in mind. Bag of Quaffers is a great boost to the hitty Brewers and makes Hooper even more scary (and not miss commanding aura as much). While Second Wind has its uses in moving your faster players around but also making sure no-one is left behind. Looking at you Stoker and Stave.

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