Slow go week goes slow..

We have seen more drip feeding from the PP boys around MkIII and I have to say things are sounding at least like the game is going to be fun. Time will tell if we get the most balance game around (for its size). This week however saw us see the first of the book 4 masters for Malifaux..

I will be honest I was not expecting new masters so soon, there was a lot of talk that the number of masters as plenty just after wave 2 happened. I knew we would see new masters but not so soon. Book 4 for me was going to be very much like book 3 just some extra bits and bobs for factions, maybe another mini-faction like the crossroad 7.

I do wonder what is happening with the Other Side system that was announced last year as well. Will it be GenCon or later when we start to see more of this.

Interesting times and I certainly don’t need any more excuses for more shiny..

In other news I got my hands on the Infinity expansion Human Sphere and I have to say it is a very nice book. Love having the fluff in a separate book as it keeps the rules book very small. I swear I won’t be starting something outside of my Nomads I promise…..oh look Tohaa.

Games This Week

Managed to get a game in with the Neverborn against Outcasts, Pandora against Levi and Rich cheated me. He is Cheaty McCheatface!!! I did lose, but in the bigger scope of things I am just not loving NB at the moment. I do have some Resser stuff on the way hopefully shift in focus can get me going again.

Hobby This Week

I have done half of the starter set for the Nomads which leaves me a few models to go. The sniper had to take an acetone bath so that has left me a chance to get some paint on the Alchemists which is going well..

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Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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