Skinning the Hunters – Team Talk

Welcome to the Team Talk post about the Hunters, for those that missed it you can find all the individual posts about the team members here;

So we have now covered the Hunters as individuals and to finish off the team talk series a little look into how this can all combine.. We can’t talk about Hunters without first covering the 3 main new things that they bring to the board.

Snared – a new condition that hands out -1 DEF and also -2” MOV, this is incredibly powerful as anything that hurts either of these stats is a bad thing for your opponent to do both is very very nice. Now it is a condition so is removable , so the likes of Esters/Hemlocke are going to be tough to get round but you are then dictating order activation as well as MP spending.

Now who doesn’t love lower DEF? but both Fahad and Seenah love the condition more than others as the gain extra damage when hitting such models, which just makes them even scarier..

Traps – The next thing that links thematically with Snared is the Traps that Jaecar and Chaska bring to the table, these are fun little traits that allow you to get more Snared (and Bleed) around your opponents. They are easy to play around BUT your opponent still needs to play around them. They also mean that only Egret doesn’t hand out or gain bonuses (beyond the minus to DEF obviously) for Snared.

Blessing of the Sun Father  – A new play that 2 players who will make most teams have. This is what can make the Hunters pretty INF efficient paying MP instead of INF means you could be looking at a max of 5INF saved for the cost of 2MP. Admittedly it requires activation order thoughts and figuring out what is going to help the most later into the turn. It is still a powerful play. There is only the Bear and Jaecar who can’t benefit from this which is pretty scary considering you have the likes of Theron, Egret and Chaska who have character plays you want to use so why not do it for ‘free’.

Continuing the idea of Theron and Hearne being together works well, when you consider Nature’s Growth from Theron and Nature’s Blessing on Hearne. Means you actually have some pretty fast players on the pitch (Egret and Jaecar naturally) as Hearne with these 2 traits has around 7” of movement for free which wont trigger parting blows. This means he is actually a pretty decent ball holder and also a serious goal threat to be worried about.

Chaska as well as being a man who likes shooting people he also brings Tough Skin which is a great play that would help anyone you are going to stick deep into your opponents face, So Jaecar and Seenah are both going to like having this around.

Speaking of smashing people up, the Hunters have a scary amount of DEF debuffing within their ranks yes it will require some activation order consideration and also worth targeting someone who has already gone, just to make it harder (more expensive) to remove conditions.

So on top of Snared, Jaecar then brings Gut & String and then we have Knockdown (MP generating from Seenah and Chaska) that equates to a -3 to DEF, in other words that’s hitting Mist on 2s and gaining 3 extra dice against Boar. These things will all hurt your opponent and they will know this so expect them to try and play in a way to get momentum to remove the Snared and Knockdown which is a win-win situation as you could start to win the battle to go first in the next turn.

Hearne also has singled out, which again helps making it easier to get more hits on your opponents models and combined with the debuffs makes anyone pretty scary.

Finally Midnight Offering allows you to speed anyone up, this is particularly good with Jaecar and Seenah for getting the drop on your opponent as suddenly they have a threat range of 17” and 13” respectively, while Egret suddenly becomes a 22” goal threat. Now generally this will only happen in the early turns but always remember it. It also makes Fahad a missile of death as well (which gives you opponent no response) .


The hunters are in a very unusual design space, they have great ranged character plays like Engineers but don’t have the momentum generation that the engineers have (well they do but it costs INF).

They have great control and momentum refusal (spending to remove) via conditions like Alchemists and Brewers but they don’t have the AoEs or damage output respectively from these conditions. You can easily see several players being at home in other factions, which I suppose happens when they are coming in after we have many teams already.

All this means you have to think about what you are doing, a mis-timed activation can damage what you do for the rest of the turn and it will be very easy to do all the cool character plays and not actually achieve anything towards getting you 12VP but it will put a smile on your face.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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