Skinning the Hunters – Seenah

The final member of the Hunters IS HERE and YOU CANT SEE HIM….sorry (not sorry) couldn’t resist. Its time for Seenah.


He is pretty slow, but his run/charge is longer than usually (extra 3” compared to the usual 2”), his TAC is awesome at above captain levels. As you would expect his KICK is rubbish and his DEF is also very low but he does at least have some ARM as well. Unusually he doesn’t bring any INF to the board (a first in Guild Ball) although he can only take a relatively small amount out of the pool.

Character Traits

Tough Hide – He takes less damage which means he is going to be eating people for longer.

Furious – Allows him to charge for no INF cost, this means regardless of what you actually give him, he always has the chance to do something. But as we have seen in season 1 this can easily be shut down so you will need to consider this.

Isolated Target – He gains +1 DMG (playbook only) against enemy models with Snared condition on them….Good thing we have plenty of access to this.

Intimidating Roar – A great ability as it allows him to do a free push at the start of his activation. This is a nice way of freeing him up from being enegaged and then going on to charge something.

However it does have issues as 2” melee zones can still shut this down if they were in base to base OR there is more than one model engaging him. Canny opponents can shut him down unless you throw some INF his way


A long playbook and he has some interesting choices. He has easy access to both momentous knock down and he has a surprisingly easy to reach Tackle. In fact all his knock downs are momentous. He can do some healthy damage but you are only going to see it on the charge usually (Bear Hug is hard to get to, even with the playbook being shorter than TAC). He also has some pushes although all but one don’t get you any momentum.


Bear Hug – Costs 2 Guild Balls (6 hits), not the sort of Hug you want as the bear cuddles you for a decent amount of damage and the Bleed condition. If the opposition cant remove that bleed it is a hell of a lot of damage to take from one source (biggest damage potential from any character play in the game I believe). As an added bonus if he kills a target with the play you get an additional VP into the bargain as well..


So the first non-human player (we are ignoring Greed because reasons) and he is a bit of a brute. He hits like a large Bear should and even more with Snared on the table, he is one of the ways to get knock down in the Hunters and does so momentously which is a bonus. He will take some getting use to as you are going to be playing with not a lot of INF on the board as he brings none. He is certainly fun but you are going to have to treat him like Boar, point and smash but like Boar he needs some set up to truly shine..

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2 thoughts on “Skinning the Hunters – Seenah

  1. I love the write ups, thank you. Two things. 1) the bonus damage from isolated is only on playbook results.2) the mob favorite rule is only triggered by takeouts from a character play, which makes it harder to set up. Thanks again for your blog, very fun to read.

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