Skinning the Hunters – Chaska

We have ourselves a pioneer character in Guild Ball, why he wasn’t called Grizzly Adams I have no idea, I mean they already have Ben. Ok he might not be gentle but still…….Its time for Chaska.


He has average movement as is his TAC, his KICK is reasonable he should succeed more than fail, although his range is only average. His DEF is lower than average but he does have ARM (and ways to get more) and he brings the average amount of INF.

Character Traits

Mud Concealer – Gives him +1ARM while in rough terrain , with Tough Skin around as well he is going to be incredibly difficult to shift (he may love the free Theron forest as much as Hearne).

 Light Footed – Rarer ability than I would have expected in Hunters but he has it and ensures he can get exactly where you want him. Which is handy for the above trait and he isn’t the fastest.

Big Game Traps – This is another new trait introduced by the Hunters. During his activation he can place a trap-marker within 2” of him (with a maximum of 3 allowed on the pitch at anyone time). When an enemy model moves within 1” of it (can be pushed towards it remember). Then they immediately gain the Snared condition. These are obviously not horrendous things to deal with (as a condition, it is removable) but, with his access to pushes and careful placement he could make more than one model have snare. This then means a lot of momentum is being spent by your opponent, as damage can be dealt (from poison and the like) but a debuff is more scary as more hits = more momentum for you.


He brings momentum to all levels of his playbook which is a great thing to have. He doesn’t bring much damage though. However he has easy access to pushes (see Traps) and the odd dodge as well. He also has a Knockdown however you are only going to be seeing that on a charge really needing those 4 hits (even with his larger TAC than playbook).


Tough Skin  – Costs 1 INF and gives friendly model +1 ARM, this is handy for anyone on the pitch (assuming no anatomical precision or Ox).

Boom Box – Costs 2 INF, target model takes 4 DMG and pushes 4” as well. This is a mascot killer as he can do this twice normally plus extra one from BotFS. That’s a lot of damage to hand out. The range on it is tiny and people will be avoiding him like a horny boar!!


He is a fun model to have around, in theory he could really hurt one model on the board with the help of BotFS as 3 Boom Boxes are going to ruin anyones day (and potential 12″ push on top of 12 damage is going to kill or push models off the board). However don’t be afraid to charge him in as he can do some interesting things. As that Knockdown is reasonable to get on the charge. He can then drop his trap and push the knock-downed model into it for Snared. That gives you a model with -2DEF and no-one is going to like having that on them. OK it is easily removed but that is momentum they are spending on conditions not on healing or scoring!

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