Skinning the Hunters – Jaecar

The sneakiest sneak of the sneaky faction, no wait he isn’t a Spook!! Although, he does feel like what happens between a Butcher and a Fishermen go freaky…. It’s time for the one man band Jaecar.


He is fast (and one of the fastest in the team). His TAC is pretty good on par with his captain. His KICK is average as is his DEF but he has no ARM and he brings the average amount of INF.

 Character Traits

Anatomical Precision – Reduces the ARM of the target he is hitting means he can do that little bit more with his swings.

Back to the Shadows – At the end of his activation if he caused damage (not difficult) he can make a free 4” dodge. Very powerful ability, even more so late turn as he can set up for the next turn.

Light Footed – Rarer ability than I would have expected in Hunters but he has it and ensures he can get exactly where you want him.

Pit Fall – This is a new trait introduced by the Hunters. During his activation he can place a Pit Fall marker within 2” of him (with only one allowed on the board at a time). When an enemy model moves within 1” of it (can be pushed towards it). Then they immediately gain Snare and Bleed conditions. The marker then disappears to be ‘reset’ by Jaecar again. A fun little ability but you would need some set up to ‘trap’ someone. Well worth dropping it after engaging a model and pushing them into it.


He is a momentous damage machine, it’s not Butchers level but he is no slouch. He also has plenty of access to dodges and also some pushes as well for those Pit Fall moments.


Blood  – Costs 1 Guild Ball (2 or 4 hits), he hands out Bleed which if he goes late in the turn helps up the potential damage he is doing. Unfortunately it is not momentous on either result.

Gut & String – Costs 1 Guild Ball (2 or 4 hits), last seen in Fishermen he hands out a DEF and movement debuff , this on top of Snared can really make a player cry.

So both of these are triggered on the same playbook hits, it makes for some interesting choices as he can go late and do more damage or go early and shut down a model.


Fast moving, hard-hitting momentum generating possibly ex-assassin player. He is perhaps the simplest of the Hunters, point and slice..

At the moment he appears to have 2 modes, late turn he can come in and give you some momentum to use, then ensure he drops the trap and push enemy model into it for some free Bleed. Then push away, freeing him up to go early in the next turn to gut & string a model to slow it down. He can be very effective whenever he activates, but he can’t take a hit very well, this means he is going to have a bulls-eye on him. Use this to your advantage and try not to get him ganged-up on if you can.

Although it is worth remembering, Gut & String, Snared and Knockdown is going to put a huge sad face on any player so worth keeping him near Hearn or the bear..

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