Skinning the Hunters – Egret

We move onto the poster girl of the Hunters in the shape of the impossible to pin down Egret.


She is pretty fast (and one of the fastest in the team). Her TAC is low but generally that’s not what she will be doing. Her KICK is very healthy although she can’t be considered a top-tier striker, but she is no slouch.

Her DEF/ARM is average and she brings the average amount of INF.

 Character Traits

Swift Strike – When she causes damage she can make a free dodge. Great way of gaining some extra speed and keeps her moving and out of trouble.

Back to the Shadows – At the end of her activation if she caused damage she can make a free 4” dodge. What this means is she gets up to 8” worth of dodges for near enough free, very powerful.

Venomous Strike – She causes poison to enemy models she has damaged, which makes Flurry pretty nasty..


Easy access to a momentous tackle as well as some dodges as well. She doesn’t do much damage, however sometimes this is all you need to get out of trouble with her free dodges. She makes a great ball retriever, and general ball player.


Snap Fire   – Costs 1 INF, simply does one point of damage at range (but links into swift strike and poison).

Flurry – Costs 2 INF, we have seen this in engineers. It has decent range and does 2 DMG to the target and all models within 2” of the target as well. Good way of getting high DEF models that have strayed too close to an easier to hit model.


The speedy goal scorer for the Hunters, who also happens to do a fair amount of damage to the opposition at range! Due to her range on her plays plus the free dodges she could easily go in do her thing and get out of threat range of her target! It is also worth noting that Blessing of the Sun Father loves her possibility the most, as she can do Flurry for free and then still have INF to do some goal scoring as well. Lots of speed lots of potential, possibly more than other hunters.

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