Skinning the Hunters – Hearne

Time for the old man of the team, everyone has one and Hearne is the Hunters. Can be surprisingly spritely for an old one though.


He is big and old, as such he is pretty slow (see later) as you  would see for a lot of bigger based models. His DEF and ARM are standard for the bigger players as well. As is he INF generation and max take, so no surprises. His TAC is about average but a little lower compared to others. His KICK is interesting as he brings a decent dice pool but his range is only average. However as explained below is not surprisingly considering how fast he can be.

 Character Traits

Nature’s Blessing – Matches well with Nature’s Growth on Theron, as it allows Hearne to jump to a forest within 4”. Now this greatly increases the threat range of Hearne, although it is dependent on the forest size. If we assume it is the AoE from Theron, then we are looking at near enough 7” of free movement for Hearne. This means his threat range is pretty scary and no-one wants a large man jumping out of a forest to smash them into the ground.

Light Footed – The old man has enough experience to make it through rough terrain without a care in the world..

Heroic Play

Blessing of the Sun Father  – A Model within 6” can during their activation do a character play for free (which had a cost of 3 or less INF). This can make any team member useful during their activation as they don’t need INF on them to be a threat. It does cost a momentum obviously and also a prior activation BUT he does have the potential to mess with your opponents plans if they thought they were safe. More so when considered you can use this twice with Theron and Hearne on the board together.


He brings a good amount of  Momentum with his book with 4/5 results being momentous. He also has some nice damage in those results. However his Tackle is probably difficult to hit outside of charges (4 hits) and his Knock down is in the middle but isn’t momentous.


Singled Out – Costs 1 Guild Ball (1 hit), we have seen the play before as it allows you to gain +2 TAC against that model. This helps the whole team if they gang up on someone so always worth considering using. However it does not gain you any Momentum which is a shame, but can lead to some much better things later in the turn.

Skewered – Costs 2 INF or 2 Guild balls (5 hits), A ranged attack that is momentously activated through the playbook (or paid for). He does 3 DMG and hands out the Snared condition, very healthy play but generally you are only going to see this on the charge.


Surprisingly fast old man (must be a fast or dead thing for the older ones),  he is also supports the team with his Heroic like his captain. His plays again boost the rest of the team, Singled out is very powerful especially with charges involved. While more Snared is going to be a thing for Hunters as we have seen. He is actually a reasonable goal threat due to his speed and worth considering for that. However the high hits Tackle means you probably don’t want him looking for the ball more receiving it.

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