Skinning the Hunters – Zarola

Time for Fahads little sister, the slightly confused Tarzan….sorry Zarola (wrong animals doing the parenting).


Average speed for a model in Guild Ball, as is her KICK. He TAC is pretty low which suggests she doesn’t want to be going in swinging too much. Her DEF is on the high side but also has no ARM as well. Interesting she brings the average amount of INF to the team but she is below average for maximum at 2/3.

 Character Traits

Linked (Fahad) – As they are family (sort of)  the pair of them can go after the other straight away, allowing for some interesting possibilities. Be it gang up bonuses or even healing/condition management from the MP generated by the other.

Unpredictable Movement – we all know what this does and how helpful it can be to keep models safe. Now with her 1” melee she isn’t as safe as the likes of Obulus and Greyscales but it is still helpful.

Light Footed – She was raised by cats, so makes sense she isn’t too bothered by terrain, although worth noting the cat doesn’t have this so could get left behind. So if you are using them as a tag team keep that in mind.


A very Fishermen playbook, with access to some momentous pushes and dodges. There is a tiny amount of damage but not worth doing unless she can take someone out. She does have a Tackle but it is pretty high number of hits. Certainly possible to get a tackle and push (or dodge) on the charge though which is worth considering.


Chain Bolas  – Costs 2 INF, hands out a small amount of damage and gives the target the snared condition as well. A very Hunters play as they all love Snared..

Midnight Offering – Costs 2 INF, allows a model to make a Jog for free. Pretty powerful play which does bring some fun possibilities as it allows you to move a friendly model into a more favourable place before they activate (so opposite of Second Wind). The only issue with her max INF it is an either or choice between her plays, before you consider BotFS from Theron and Hearne which would allow her to do both.


She is an interesting model, who works in a way as a support piece she greatly increase the possibilities of Fahad doing some decent damage. Throwing in a Bolas for the Snare bonus then move into engagement then activating the cat for no reply. While early game she can move a friendly model into a more favourable place, suddenly the bear is in range for a charge or gives Egret a 20+” Goal threat range (before any teamwork dodges). She generally wants to stay away from any big hitters but she can at least mess around with those who don’t do any major damage. She brings some movement toolboxing to the hunters.

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