Skinning the Hunters – Fahad

The Hunters continues with some love for a vicious cat; no not scum, a slightly bigger one. Time to look at the Mascot Ffffffffahad.


That cat is pretty fast, not scary fast but on bar with other mascots. TAC as expected is low as is the KICK stat. DEF is on the high side but then the lack of ARM counters this. It also brings the usual amount of INF for a Mascot as well. She is also one of the new breed of larger based Mascots we are going to be seeing.

 Character Traits

Linked (Zarola) – As they are family (sort of)  the pair of them can go after the other straight away, allowing for some interesting possibilities. Be it gang up bonuses or even healing/condition management from the MP generated by the other.

Furious – Free charges on a Mascot is interesting and also means it is a threat all the time.

Isolated Target – If the model is suffering from the Snared condition then the cat gets extra damage and on the charge that could very easily add up to some big damage due to wraps.


Small playbook as expected but it does have access to a low hits Tackle. But also reasonable chance of momentous damage with a dodge built-in as well. Maybe more on the charge, which this kitty would like to do more than other mascots.


Nimble – Costs 1 INF, gives the cat a boost to its DEF which will make it that much harder to deal with.


A very aggressive Mascot, who is a sleek little missile. It will be very interesting to have a mascot that doesn’t need INF but can still be useful beyond being a pseudo-goalie. Will it still go down easily? Yes but no more easily than Scum and both cats will go down swinging.

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