Skinning the Hunters – Theron

Welcome Season 2 in full swing and the latest team talk series looking at the new hotness.

Time to Skin some Hunters and as always the Captain is first, still looking for Red October, Theron.


Everything about him as a captain is average, he is right there in the middle of all the design space we have seen for captains before him. While in the Hunters he has one of the better KICK stats. So if you are concentrating on the ball he is decent feeder into other players (re. Egret). He does have a decent threat range but this is down to his plays not his actual speed.

 Character Traits

Hunter’s Prey – Whenever he damages an opponent he gives them the Snared condition. This is pretty powerful as a DEF and MOV debuff, will hurt a lot of players but also sets up the rest of the team for you.

Nature’s Growth – Once an activation he can drop an AoE of Forest terrain for the turn. This can be very handy for shutting down movement lanes and LoS to your models (or the Goal). Could prove very disruptive and also free.

Herioc Play

Blessing of the Sun Father  – A Model within 6” can during their activation do a character play for free (which had a cost of 3 or less INF). This can make any team member useful during their activation as they don’t need INF on them to be a threat. It does cost a momentum obviously and also a prior activation BUT he does have the potential to mess with your opponents plans if they thought they were safe.


Lots of pushes and dodges within his play book, with reasonable access to Tackle (3 hits) although the momentous Knock down with be difficult outside of charges (5hits). He does bring a fair amount of momentous damage. While the layout of the pushes and dodges (with doubles in there) means you have plenty of options.

The only worry is he doesn’t bring any momentum on 1 hit which can be painful when the dice turn on you.


Pinned – Costs 3 INF, causes 2 DMG and while Theron is on the pitch the model hit can only move towards him (similar to Goad). So this means he can mess with an opponent as if he flings this out before he moves her can ensure he can’t take a beating from the model targeted. It brings a lot of control, as imagine a striker only having the option to move away from the goal if they move at all.

Arrow to the Knee – Costs 2 INF, decent range on this play and hands out a little bit of damage and also reduces the KICK stat to a point that most average kickers are going to be kicking like a mascot!

Sun Strike – Costs 1 INF, target friendly model gains Momentum for a successful character play against an enemy model. This is an expensive version of what both Ballista and Smoke do normally. However with the range of the Hunters throwing this out multiple times will be a nice way first turn to gain momentum with the aim of getting activation turn 2 when things really start happening. Apart from that (plus its short-range) there are not going to be to many chances to get lots of use out of this. Beyond making Theron himself more efficient due to this heroic.


A middle of the road (woodland path?) captain who brings a little of everything to the game with his stats. But he sits in a support role of making things less INF intensive with his Heroic play but also allowing some MP generation in the early rounds when things haven’t dipped into a mass brawl.

He is also a great debuffer with Snare on anything damaged, actually means he is a great hunter of those players who are going to be strong goal threats. Arrow to the Knee plus Hunter’s Prey means they are really hurting unless they use MP to get round Snare. Then we haven’t even considered the effects the tree and slower movement will have on a player as well as pinned ensuring the biggest threat at that moment has less choices of where they can go.

Thanks to Hearne also having BotFS, it means you can easily be a captain that operates on less INF than he brings, 3 INF allows him to use all his plays which is means he is not taking a further 2 INF (max at 6) from the pool AND he is giving something back into the pool as well. Now this does require Hearne going first and generating the MP before he goes but it is something worth considering.

He is a control player that also doesn’t need a lot of INF to do his thing (if set up right), a very rare breed of captain! A great support piece (Sun Strike isn’t once a turn either),  however like all captains he brings decent MP generation if you charge him in swinging.

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