Beared-itorial – Leeds Spring Ball Report

So another Guild Ball tournament over in Leeds, I would say ran by Simon but his wife does all the leg work (and great cakes).

It was a standard format event, 8-man teams and played over 4 games and 45 min death clock. In the end we had 28 players taking part with a nice spread of all the teams including some Hunters for the first time.

I took Fishermen for this event and that marks Guild number 4 for me at all events. My team was Corsair, Salt, Sakana, Greyscales, Jac, Angel, Kraken and Gutter

Game 1 vs Fishermen

Result: 12-6 with 2-1 goals scored.

Team Picked: Sakana. Greyscales. Angel and Gutter

This was against new player Adam and in the end we had a complete mirror match, which produced a very cagey game. I took a 2-0 lead in the second turn and it stayed like that for something 16 turns till the points started  raining in. A fun game but very unusual as I have never played in such a mirror match before and that fact both corsairs got into each other they sort of shut each other down.

Stand-out moment – Corsair on Corsair action , like watching a puppy attack itself in the mirror.

MoM – Has to be Greyscales who did something and scored some goals.

Game 2 vs Butchers

Result: 6-12 with 1-0 goals scored.

Team Picked: Sakana. Greyscales. Jac and Gutter

Face off against the new girl in town, Fillet. My word I knew she was fast and deadly but didn’t realise how fast and deadly. This was a game in which I was forever playing catch up and wasn’t fast enough to chat up..

Stand-out moment – Greyscales scoring AGAIN.

MoM – Salt for not getting killed.

Game 3 vs Brewers

Result: 12-2 with 2-0 goals scored.

Team Picked: Sakana. Greyscales. Jac and Gutter

I was at a tournament which of course means I had to play one of my club mates at least once and shocking it was JC AGAIN!! He had his brewers again which had beaten my Morticians at the last event (down to my doh! moment). It is always a fun match and against his Esters could prove tricky, in the end the score doesn’t represent the game! He fed me his cat which caused some clumping up for esters AoEs. I took the bait as I would much rather gain some points and activation control. It the progressed into a slugfest with Corsair doing what he does backed up by Gutter. While Greyscales and Sakana scored goals and helped me with the MP generation.

Stand-out moment – Gutter for taking out Friday and Esters in one activation and putting Spigot down to 1 wound left.

MoM – Gutter

Game 4 vs Morticians

Result: 12-10 with 2-1 goals scored.

Team Picked: Sakana. Greyscales. Jac and Gutter

Incredibly cagey match for the last game of the day, in which we banter each other completely..

Very to-and-fro but as is the case in some games once you are ahead you can stay ahead, Just even if Sakana gives you a heart attack by missing an easy goal and then the very next turn making the harder one!!!

Stand-out moment – Jac taking a kicking off Obulus long enough to allow Gutter and Corsair to deal with Silence, Ghast and Dirge..

MoM – Jac going down like a champ.


This meant I went 3-1 with a +12 differential which considering my goal as always is 2-2 result and a positive diff, not bad at all. Overall I cam out 4th, which means I am just Mr Consistent at the moment.

Lessons from the day

So what have I learnt from this tournament then as far as Guild Ball goes.

HobbyADD – I am not going to be troubling the podium too much unless I stick to one faction and we all know that is not going to happen.

Season 2 Plots – Are amazing, allow for some fun things to happen on the board but don’t distract/mess up what is happening on the board.

Games This Week

Not much on the gaming front this week.

Hobby This Week

Been working on Infinity terrain mainly as, spray painting buildings using leftover random cans is recycling at its best :).

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Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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