Well no really news this week… oh wait

June is going to be a very interesting month, but thanks to the Primecast we have some ideas of what is coming.

  • Rebalanced every model – Goes without saying, but with no beta test this time interesting to see what they do (what was held back in MK2 FAQs for this reason) and how much ‘flavour’ is changed for units/solos etc.
  • Each warcaster has a unique spell/ability (outside of feats) – So bit more uniqueness to the main characters can only be a good thing. Although top of my head not sure if anyone doesn’t already fall into this anyway.
  • No more fear/terror checks – So no-one is scared anymore, honestly this was a rule greatly underplayed for me personally (always forgot about) so yeah one less thing I have to remember.
  • Jacks and Beasts get turned up to 11 – jack/beats points increased a lot to allow more jacks for free, what this means is that the new battleboxes are actually 0pts in the game due to the increase!!
  • As well as this we have 2 new rules to go along with that;
    New jack rule: they gain a free focus for being in warcaster’s control area in control phase
    New beast rule: As you lose warbeasts they still generate some fury ‘beyond the grave’.  Both of these are going to be amazing as I for one love having lots of stompy robots but no way to actually run them well.
  • Fluff is now only through Skull Island Expeditions – I like this as the move to more eBook status this means I can keep up with the fluff without worrying about the rules. I failed to keep up the last few books as I haven’t played a lot recently, but still wanted to see what happens
  • The safety net of characters not dying has been removed –  an exciting living, breathing and dying world.
  • Finally the big one premeasuring is in – woohoo because being able to eyeball distances is not a skill needed on a 4×4 board, to have fun playing models with!

It’s all very exciting and I look forward to seeing some more meat added to these bones.

Games This Week

No games this week unfortunately although I have been playing with myself going through the Operation Icestorm pack trying to get the rules down for Infinity.

Hobby This Week

The Fish are so close to being finished, only a week to go..

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Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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