Extra Tickets for Hunters #WAACBearHunting


Right then you have literally days left to get in on the Hunters raffle;


On top of the delay due to the rulebook, you have even more reason to donate ๐Ÿ˜‰

However today I am feeling particularly generous, I have yet to stick my hand in my pocket for a donation, so what this means I am going to donate on someones behalf and they get the tickets for the raffle.

So how do you do this then?

I want to hear about your most funniest gaming moment (bonus points for it being Guild Ball related) and you have until Monday to get them either posted as comments here, on Facebook or twitter using #WAACBearHunting hashtag.

Then next week I will pick a winner and they get some free tickets that I will pay for.



2 thoughts on “Extra Tickets for Hunters #WAACBearHunting

  1. Funniest or just most despairing depending on who you were. Picture this. 4th ed 40k. Narrative game being overseen by my boss and GW Milton Keynes manager Dan Luke.
    It’s 1500pts aside. I’m fielding a dark angels death wing force. My opponent iron warriors .
    We deploy and prepare for war when in chimes Dan. He tells me and my opponent that the dank angels strike cruiser has engaged with the iron warriors cruiser in orbit. A dice off will decide who wins the space fight and the winner will have orbital bombardment every turn.
    The dice clatter, I win yay. In dans usual way he embellishes the story…explosions, fireballs….and burning wreckage…..ah
    You see then he declared that I must roll a dice for table edge. I do so..then 6d6 for distance. I do so getting a mighty 30.
    I’m worried now as this line runs right through the centre of the fortress I’m occupying.
    Then he delivers his line. Every model in the path must make a basic saving roll.
    Easy peasey
    25 2+ saves……
    Well you just know it don’t you…
    21….yes twenty fricking one dead terminators.
    And you know what….
    6 turns of hard fighting, bitter struggle and bloodshed and that orbital bombardment.
    Did absolutely nothing. It didn’t even tarnish the armour on a single iron warrior..

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