First game of AoS was had this weekend and since it is me dipping back into the fun and games of the GW system I thought I may as well have a ramble about it as well 🙂

We tried the SCGT comp, as my usual opponent is a Vampire lover so anything to stop the crazy amount of summoning is probably going to help…

We also used the scenario pack and ended up going with number 6, so the winner needed to control more realm gates than their opponent with 1 of the 4 exploding in turn 3.

We played with 48 pool points as that is literally all I have for the Stormcasts… we also cut the summoning pool to 10 as well (half everything basically).

So first impressions, it is actually an enjoyable game. Does it have the depth of something like malifaux (and Guild Ball) probably not at the moment, however I think as more Battleplans (scenarios to everyone else) and actual AoS models appear we will see some fun things.

Some things we did find, was it is clear that the Stormcast are made for AoS (obviously) whereas the Vampires felt a bit more shoe-horned in.

You need to play the scenarios be it from a comp pack or ANY of the battle plans, a straight fight I think is not going to show AoS in its best light. As much as it might be easier to just throw models at the table it will lead to some bad bad match ups.

I will say this was one of the most enjoyable game of GW since GorkaMorka for me, yes we had to play with a fan-based comp system but just giving stuff some balance via the points (as well as the summoning pool) made for a pretty enjoyable game for both me (who won 😉 ) but also my opponent.

Will AoS be added to the rotation? More than defiantly! Will it replace Malifaux and Guild Ball as a ‘main’ game for me? No but throwing dice around the board and enjoying the spectacle is more than enough. Are we thinking tournaments? Not yet, a 50pt game hits in nicely into an evening while we re-learn the game again. Plus will need to double my collection….or just save up for load of Drakes 😉

It is worth pointing out that you can now take a faction so Order/Death/Chaos that army building is very free form, which as a very poor collector of one army. This really interests me, as now no penalty for a few units of Stormcasts joining up with some Fyreslayers and a Slann. Why because SHINY thats why 😉

So some nice stand-outs from the game was Prosecutors hanging with a Varghulf and taking him out. A realm gate blowing up and taking 6 wounds of another Varghulf. Blood Knights being monsters and rolling down my flank with little effect by me, well until the Retributors said hello with their hammers..

Games This Week

Thats about it as far games go this week, I do have a few GB demos coming up but I can’t count those 🙂

Hobby This Week

Still churning away on the Fishermen, I should nicely be on target for the Leeds event in April with them. So reasonable turn around. Now I just need a goal..

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