Beared-itorial – Bradford Spring Ball Report

Last weekend I popped down to the local gaming club for a little friendly Guild Balling, in which I took the spooks for a first run out.

It was a standard format event, 8-man teams and played over 4 games and 45 min death clock. In the end we had 9 players take part with an interesting mix of teams, 2 Morticians, 1 Union, 1 Engineers, 2 Brewers and 3 Fishermen.

Game 1 vs Brewers

  • Result: 12-8 with 2-0 goals scored.
  • Team Picked: Obulus, Dirge, Silence, Ghast, Bonesaw, Mist

So Martin is more or less a brand new player, so this was an odd game as he has never played against Morticians and has little experience with his Brewers. So in the end, this was more like a training game as we both worked through the game. Enjoyable start to the day though.

  • Stand-out moment – Getting the Ball from the Right of the board to left and score a goal during a turn with Bonesaw to Dirge and Dirge handing off to Mist..
  • MoM – Ghast, just for being his tanky-self

Game 2 vs Brewers

  • Result:  8-12 with 0-0 goals scored.
  • Team Picked: Obulus, Dirge, Silence, Ghast, Casket, Mist

A face off against the Old foe JC this time with his Brewers, as always these games are fast intense and very close. In the end JC got the win after a huge mistake by myself, I panicked and made a really silly mistake 😦

I had it set up for Obulus to go for a goal with a personal puppet master on himself for the extra range. But instead of activating Ghast to lock up Mash and gain some momentum, I activated Silence trying to Shutout Tapper. When I didn’t need to, as he had already killed Dirge once so couldn’t gain anymore VP for it. My gut was to go with Ghast but I panicked and over thought the game. Lesson learnt, but I admit I was very very grumpy with myself for this.

  • Stand-out moment – The Epic Battle of Mist VS Fangtooth neither wanted to do anything to each other..
  • MoM – Ghast again just for being a hunk of a monster

Game 3 vs Engineers

  • Result: 12-2 with 2-0 goals scored.
  • Team Picked: Obulus, Dirge, Silence, Ghast, Bonesaw, Mist

Game 3 saw me face off once again against local lad Dan and his infamous Engineers, the first time we met my Butchers may have hurt him a lot… It was the match neither of is wanted, apparently I scared him and I knew he had improved loads so didn’t fancy getting pierced by many arrows…

In the end, I ran away with the game just because flank play of Mist and Bonesaw is hard to deal with, when you are a slow guild and I just about managed to hold the centre with Obulus and Ghast.

  • Stand-out moment – Dealing with that damnit insect first turn and dealing with the damage/burning on my terms (plus Mist Goal) had me up 6-0 in Turn one..
  • MoM – Obulus helped me just enough with puppet master for me to gain the VP I needed.

Game 4 vs Union

  • Result: 10-12 with 1-0 goals scored.
  • Team Picked: Obulus, Dirge, Silence, Ghast, Bonesaw, Mist

Final game was against Al and the nasty man Captain Rage. This was a very see-saw game I managed to get to 8-2 pretty quickly down to a goal and a couple of pushes off the board. However he managed to grind me down very well and I couldn’t get those last few VP in the end. Obulus and dice in the end failed me a little bit as I couldn’t take Rage down very efficiently. Which hurt me loads plus I got caught out by Red Fury after that which was painful.

  • Stand-out moment –Bonesaw getting it done with his pig 4” push (at last)
  • MoM – Honestly probably Ghast again hell he got deep into the opponents board and that never happens…

This meant I went 2-2 with a +8 differential, in 4 games I managed to score 5 goals and only had one scored against me was pretty good going (avoided the Fishermen). Strangely I was hoping to do slightly better and I may have done but for some mistakes. But oh well, such is the choice of playing lots of different teams rather than sticking to one.

I did however win best painted with the wrestling crew which shows sometimes strong theme can trump skill 🙂 as there were some lovely painting on show (especially Martins tartan).

Lessons from the day

So what have I learnt from this tournament then;

Mistakes – I am still prone to mistakes, it is something that hopefully I can iron out of my game. However this will be an uphill struggle because;

Hobby ADD – As mentioned I am probably never going to break the glass ceiling that is a tournament win/consistent podiums. As I like to jump around a fair amount – 4 events attended and 3 Guilds used is evidence enough but I am at least consistent in that I am hovering around that 4th spot a lot.

Rainbow – There is going to be a strong chance that I am going to end up playing all the guilds at events over the next year or so. As let’s be honest I am half way through the Guilds that I own, shouldnt be that difficult 😉

Next– the next guild is going to be Fishermen I think, which will take me nicely into the Leeds event next month. Can I learn a new team in a month? probably not but who cares 🙂

News This Week

Well what can I say but STARDRAKE, why would GW do this to me?? I am back on the AoS wagon happily painting up some Stormcasts and as punishment they bring out a stonkingly big dragon. What a fatty he is as well, apparently gone are the serpentine dragons of old, this guy has been at the stardust…

From the leaks as well he is looking like a nasty model to deal with as well. However I am still not sure I will get one, the price is always painful (£70 even after online discount) but we know this about the hobby anyway. I am not sure I like the pose for it something seems off with that front foot, plus the unusual wing pose although makes sense as a walking dragon it doesn’t sit right. Well from the horrendous pictures GW have used, but then is standard for their big kits anyway..

 Games This Week

Another Malifaux demo/beginner game this week with Dreamer coming up against Lynch at 35pts. Which came in as a nice 6-6 draw. Martin is coming along nicely with the rules and the interactions, it’s just that last step into only working to schemes rather than killing all and sundry..

Hobby This Week

I was planning to paint all the Fishermen at once, but this has been tweaked so going a bit more slowly with them. Which means I can throw some Stormcast painting in as well, which is going well..

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