Tinkering the Engineers (S2) – Pin Vice

We continue the walk into the Season 2 captains, I hope I PIN down in a VICE this captain (couldn’t think of a decent pun). Its time for the Engineers to get themselves a new captain


She is pretty fast in anyones book on par with plenty of the strikers in the game. Her TAC is average for a captain, while her DEF is great but obviously no ARM because of that.

She brings a reasonable amount of INF to the table and isn’t that selfish either as her max is only 6. Finally her KICK is very similar to other Engineers a very good dice pool but rubbish range. So another close passing game model.

Character Taits

Close Control – This makes her a decent carrier of the ball as you are going to need to tackle her twice to get it off her. Very nice against any models without easy reach of Knock Down.

Reanimate – Great ability on a captain as it makes her that little bit harder to kill. As first time each turn she reaches 0 wounds she resets with 3 wounds and all conditions removed. Wont make her indestructible put allows you to keep her going.

Heroic Play

Mechanical Heart – While she is on the pitch all friendly guild models gain the Mechanica character type. This means you don’t need to stick to certain models in your build to get most out of her plays and Legendary. Does mean she prefers not using Union models if you plan to use this a lot.

Legendary Play

Well Oiled Machine- This is one unusual play, each friendly Mechanica model (see heroic) gets an oil token.

When a model receives the ball from a pass they can discard the oil token to make an out of activation pass. They can’t use the token if they use the momentum generated for some pushing.

This can lead to some interesting interactions that can all lead to much momentum being generated for the team. It also will help reposition the ball to your liking against teams wanting the ball to play (Fish for example), but it also plays into the Controller play (below) for the dream possible 2 goals in 2 activations with no response!! I do not think we will see the whole possibilities of this play for a while. There are the easy MP wins but the little extras could be huge!!


Plenty of dodges available to Pin Vice (with all but one of them MP generating). She also access to a low momentous tackle, although the Knockdown would be hard to get beyond using a charge. She also has nice mix of damage in there and with Alternator play she can in theory do a fair amount of damage when loaded up if you wish.


Controller – Costs 3 INF – Allows a target Mechanica model. To activate straight after Pin Vice for some damage cost to it. Incredibly powerful and like the Legendary the easy spot for this are, taking a model out, scoring a goal before your opponent can do anything to stop you; Are all easy to see but other possibilities are certainly possible with this.

Alternator – Costs 1 INF – Gives target Mechanica a speed boost at the cost of some damage. Also cheap (INF cost) for extra speed even if it is damaging. Worth noting you could do this to the whole team turn 1 if you wish.

Deletion – Costs 1 INF – Gives target Mechanica +1 DMG to Plays and Playbook damage results and gets free use of Bonus time once, again with the damage taken to use it. Obviously helps the ranged players gain a bit more from their plays but also makes her and others a little more dangerous in combat 2-4 damage is not bad on such a fast model (mascot hunting anyone).


She is about getting the most out of her mech friends while also being a decent goal threat herself. She can be pretty selfish and go off getting MP and scoring goals or she can support the rest of the team with little bonuses and of course that Heroic means she can be pretty open with her team choices.

The big thing as mentioned is that Legendary, like any good machine all the cogs need to work together but oh my I think when people figure out when best to drop that play it is going to make them better than fish at moving the ball around.

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