State of the Union (S2) – Rage

The Emperor has new clothes (coat), Rage has himself a nice pay rise and is here to take names…


He is average for his MOV and for his DEF and ARM as well really. His KICK is on the low side but average for a non-striker really. He doesn’t bring much INF to the board but is countered by Furious however he doesn’t take much more out of the pot anyway. His TAC is nice and healthy on bar with Ox.

Character Traits

Furious – Like his normal version he can charge around for free which is pretty nice on a captain (and like 2 extra INF).

Usurper – When he attacks a Union model he gets extra TAC which means he can bring more pain to those not playing with him.

Rising Anger – We see this on Ghast, allows to generate more MP usually when you need it early turn. Will make your opponent be cautious when they come in swinging.

Heroic Play

Bloody Coin – A great force multiplier as it gives him or another friendly model extra TAC and DMG if you are ganging up on an enemy model with your models. When really it is +2 TAC due to gang out bonuses which makes him a machine of damage.

Legendary Play

My Gang – Simple Legendary this one, he grants the same bonus as Bloody Coin but as a bubble rather than an individual model. It doesn’t stack with Bloody Coin but if you can catch a few friends at once this is nasty.. VERY nasty.


As expected from where he started as normal Rage, he has loads of damage output nearly all of it momentous generating and he also has a very easy access to Tackle (on one) and also Knockdown (on three) which is worth considering. But for all things he is a damage machine..


Red Fury – Costs 1 INF – This allows a friendly model nearby to make an attack without spending their own INF. Very powerful ability that allows you to set up some nasty damage especially with Bloody Coin around.

Quick Time – Costs 2 INF – and allows a friendly model to make a 2” dodge which helps free up a model or locks down another. A very powerful ability to have around.

Concussion – Costs 2 Guild Balls (6 or 7 hits) – Seen on the original form he gets to remove INF of the hit model. This becomes nastier with Bloody Coin up as it is that much easier to get to.


A thug of a captain, which is sort of perfect for him…

He brings the pain in every sense of the world and with Bloody Coin can easily put a model into the ground on his own. However he still suffers from losing some mobility due to free charges and being locked in melee by a 2” melee zone model that ordinary Rage suffered from. Although Quick Time will help with this it is not very INF efficient when that is probably DMG and MP you are giving up to free him (which is when Red Fury becomes the better option).

He supports your team by bringing Bloody Coin to everyone via legendary which is nice, however he can suffer from AoEs because of this bonus only works when he at least tag teams with other a member of his team. Red Fury is a very nasty ability but a good opponent should be able to make this a play of opportunity rather than a tactic to build around so be conscious of that.

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