This weekend I am at a local Guild Ball event in Bradford, only a small one but should be a good laugh and also pretty relaxed.

I am taking Morticians with me this time, a break from the Butchers who usually come out for events. Aiming for that spoon, I have to win one eventually surely!!

So with no Scalpel yet out what is my tournament 8 going to look like, well unlike the Butchers it is looking like a pretty straight forward task with the limited games I have had.

Obulus and Dirge are well you know I have to….2 down already (see told you it was easy)

Then we have to take Silence, 3 INF is too good to pass up plus his other abilities are too handy not to take (control elements for the win). Then we need a relatively simple goal threat which means Mist, big threat range, missile-like simplicity whats not to like.. Half way there and I havent even done any thinking 🙂

We need another goal threat, if we want to go more goals rather than take outs (aiming for a 2 and 2) which means Bonesaw, which although not as straight forward as Mist he does bring goal scoring but more control elements as well.

Now we also need some muscle in the lists so it has to be that man monster Ghast, like Mist he doesn’t do lots of things but he hits very well and makes the opposition hurt if they want to hit him.

So that leaves me with 2 spots left and this is where I do start to struggle, as there are plenty of options around still. The likes of Rage and Minx are reasonable choices, but in the end I went with what I had painted 🙂 So Cossett who can against the right crews smash people into a bloody mess better than anyone in the team. However there are going to be some teams that she will suffer against and give away cheap VP.

Finally we have the other big man who got a cheeky boost recently with Ghostly Visage not being once a turn anymore. Means he is bringing so much control it is untrue and if the Legendary does come off it’s a great boost in the VP column but also activations as well.

Alas no room for Graves, which is a shame I still want to get him to work but I am not good enough to do that in a tournament situation 😦

Random Rambling

Alongside the fun I have been having with Guild Ball I have been tracking the players I have used in all my games thus far and it makes for some interesting reading.

My Butchers the team I started with and surprisingly one that I havent locked myself down to one list. I have used Boar (with shank very close behind) the most from all the players but even he is only in 84% of my lists.

My Brewers are next and both Hopper and Spigot make it into nearly 100% of my lists

While with the Alchemists and Morticians I always reach for Vitriol (and little lower Calculus) and Silence all the time.

Now this makes for some interesting reading, as I am a little surprised by some of these. What we are looking at is I like models that generally always perform when I use them. Boar is easy to use but also easy to shut down, however I always get some use out of him even if its people shut him down rather than the rest of the crew. Likewise with Shank he is my main goal scorer in Butchers, he scores better than Brisket for me.

Hopper brings the extra pain for the Brewers, Tapper sets them up and Hopper does what he does 🙂 While Spigot is my support piece with his football legend and heroic AND tooled up it is very hard to drop the old soak.

While Vitriol is probably the best non-captain player in the whole game, so of course she will make it into lists and Silence brings a lot of INF to the table and enhances the control game no end.

So it all makes sense but it is something I have never noticed before that hal my teams are built before I even see the opposition, apparently I aint that flexible 😉

Army Painter Spray

Picked up some of the Bone spray paint for my new Stormcast eternals to help speed up the whole process. After seeing some mixed reviews of the sprays and warnings to be very careful and respectful with them as they are unforgiving. I went in and did the usual things, left small child shaking it for 10 minutes while I did something else 😉 sat with it in my pants to warm up the can etc..

Long story short it is amazing stuff, one coat of it has gone across 30 models with great coverage to the extent I only have a little bit of touch up to do before actually get paint on them.

So I would say this be careful with it as many people suggest but they do, do the job well.

Games This Week

Just a demo or 2, but I did manage to beat another pundit as well this. After taking on Spuddy of Tabled Podcast fame. Game ended 12-6 but it was this game that made sure Casket was in my 8 for Saturday.

Hobby This Week

I have started the Fishermen at last woop!! NO idea how long this will take. Plus have lots of Stormcasts to get past basecoat as well obviously..

Make sure you check out my sponsors the always friendly if in South ‘Yorkshire’ gaming store the Outpost where you can get 20% off RRP on their site.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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