Beared-itorial – Shattered Heart Report

Last Sunday was another trip down to the Grid for some Malifaux, this time we were led by Mr Tea aka James in full Henchmen mode.

It was a 3 games of fun to be and as already mentioned in previous posts I was going all out and using Ironsides for all 3 games, which should be interesting.

Round One: Interference, Standard Deployment.

  • Schemes: Convict Labor, Exhaust Their Forces, Hunting Party, Search The Ruins and Mark For Death

I went against Ant Hoult and his Hamelin rats for this, a very tough first outing for Toni then?!

The list I went for included Johan, Muse, Mech Rider, 2 Oxfordian Mages and the Arcane Emissary.

In the end I lost 5-10, which considering I played Ant in my first ever tournament game and lost 2-10 it was a marked improvement for me 🙂 In the end I couldn’t deal with so many activations against me. But Johan did well tying up Nix and a rat catcher for a couple of turns with Mouse helping with the healing

I got full points for Hunting party and 2 for Search the Ruins and nothing for the strat.

Going against Ant was always going to be hard even worse when he had a very strong summoning/scheme marker eating crew. So happy to come away with something and was also nice to face a Haemlin crew that did more than summon constantly.

Round Two: Squatter’s Rights, Corner Deployment.

  • Schemes: Convict Labour, Exhaust Their Forces, Show of Force, Catch And Release and Detonate The Charges

This game was against Huw and his Molly crew, this could be interesting so summoning may mean Ironsides can lock down some models 🙂

The list I went for included Johan, Mouse, Mech Rider, Oxfordian Mage, Soulstone miner and The Firestarter.

As we had corner deployment I actually had the speed with Firestarter, Mech Rider and SS miner to claim the far 2 squat markers and also have convict labour markers out well away from the scrum in the middle.

What a scrum it was as well, Johan again proved his worth tying up the Valedictorian for a while (with the help of Mouse). But what actually changed this game was Molly dying so early (end of turn 2) for only summoning of 3 models. As Ironsides managed to throw in some big punches in turn 1 and 2 to leave her pretty weak (even with card discard trigger), then Firestarter managed to land a lot of burning onto her which finished the job.

As he had Bette waiting in the wings, I did get to see Ironsides tank nicely she help up 5 models in her engagement area during the game which meant I actually got over 10 Adrenaline, as I wasn’t using it, just using her activations to do nothing but defensive. Until last turn when she nearly killed Mortimer with 1 AP thanks to her triggers. In the end I got a 10-6 win, couldn’t stop Huw scoring for Detonate the charges and in the end couldn’t finish Mortimer to stop Show of Force.

Huw was a little inexperienced with Molly and had not seen what Ironsides is capable of when she is surrounded by stuff that can’t do big damage on her. He was also taken aback by the 3 attacks for 1 AP she dealt to Mortimer. But his list was nasty he just couldn’t do enough to deal with my centre with Ironsides in the middle while I did my thing on the flanks.

Round Three: Headhunter, Standard Deployment.

  • Schemes: Convict Labour, Exhaust Their Forces, Catch And Release, Leave Your Mark and Undercover Entourage

This game was against a Collette list driven by Ben, which should be interesting with all the marker madness and both Howard and Emmisary in his list.

The list I went for included Johan, Mouse, 2 Gunsmiths, The Captain and The Firestarter.

A very caging start to the game with both of us using the opposite flanks and I lost 1 point by playing Search the Ruins rules NOT Leave the Mark I should have been playing.

In the end I started to force Ben’s hand a little with Ironsides throwing burning bottles that was ignoring the wind wall from the Captain. In the end I put enough into Angelica to ensure she couldn’t show her head again and make Howard come in swinging or risk popping eventually too much burning.

He chose to go for my obvious entourage target in Firestarter but with imbued protection on him, he is a very hard to take down normally. Which left Howard in the area for Johan to do the job and kill him. The emissary then tried its luck but again Johan did the job thanks to a Red Joker damage flip. Cassandra dealt with a Gunsmith and nearly managed to do in the Captain in as well but he survived and managed to put her in the dirt as well, Thanks to Ironsides MS&U bubble.

So in all that was the only deaths in the game (mannequin died due to a Collette jump also) but I managed to pick up the heads. Which meant I got a 8-6 win, missing out on that LYM point while Ben missed out on any heads.

An enjoyable game to end to the day, mistakes were made on both sides but the biggest was piecemealing his 2 hitters and me getting very lucky with the damage flips for a 7pt model to take 20+ off the board in 2 activations. But Collette has my respect as she is certainly a nasty one to deal with.

So all told, I came out with a 2-1 result with a diff of a mighty +1 and a 10th out of 24 finish. Which I am incredibly surprised about as after some of the kickings I have taken, I was expecting the worse and sort of hoping for a Spoon 🙂

I have enjoyed Ironsides and you maybe surprised to hear I have played her the most out of the masters I own barring Von Schill. I admit I fritter about too much but such is life as a hobby butterfly. Speaking of which I am off to pick my next master to play as this event has taught me something, concentrating on 1 master has meant I am less stressed about what to take.

I have enjoyed sticking with a master and making the crew fit the strats and schemes rather than picking the ‘best’ master for each round, a different take but perhaps with my wandering eye and better route forward for me personally.

Final note is my thanks to Mr Doxley who ran a tight ship and made the day flow wonderfully.

Games This Week

No other games this week, but I am planning on some Dreamer fun and trying to get the Spooks understood a bit more now.

Hobby This Week

Trying to tie up some of the malifaux miniatures I have left and also trying to get the courage to start the fishermen.

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2 thoughts on “Beared-itorial – Shattered Heart Report

  1. Nice report, it sounds like a fun event. A first round pairing with Ant is a really tough start to the day, so you did well to keep him to 10-5.

    With an Ironsides tournament under your belt what do you think of the internet opinion that she’s ‘the worst master in the game’?

    1. I did enjoy her but she does suffer. Adrenaline is so easy to get round that she is meh.
      If Adrenaline was more like Chi she would be very good.
      The best role I have found is support MS&U and loads of burning.
      She is not a tank though never let H2K and 14wds make you think other wisely. Anything with decent damage will eat her (Df trigger nowhere near colette triggers).

      Saying that minion/peon summoners are going to hate her as in Rd2 I had her at stupid Adrenaline amounts 🙂
      A good focused player will get a lot out of her; I ain’t either 😉

      So after that ramble she is a distraction to let your crew do the heavy lifting and anything she pulls off is a bonus. At times I feel she is a super henchmen not out and out master

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