So anyone feeling loved up? anyone?

As it is the day of loveeeeeeeee, I thought I may waffle about such things as things I love about the hobby. Now I could cheat and just say everything and we all move on and pretend none of this happened but I like a challenge.

So over the last few years I have broken out of the basement and actually taken part in the community more (no longer a collector/bad painter). This is thanks in no small part to Twitter and the #Warmongers they have really helped me get better at every part of the hobby. I still lose most games and will never win a painting competition but meh I know my spot in this world and that is to peddle new systems to everyone, failing that just Rich on Twitter and Dave my usual nemesis..

  • So social media as long as we don’t discuss politics I love you..

There are plenty of systems out there and the choice seems to be forever growing but I also like that we are seeing a shift to more free rules, which is only a good thing as trying before you buy leads to less buyer remorse or the Wife killing me.

  • So game designers I love free rules (although make them printer friendly)

Guild Ball has exploded and some how I have become Pundit for my work with the Vassal Ball page. But I am getting the itch back for Malifaux. But the reason I am enjoying these is my opponents (Except Alex who keeps noob stomping me) you help me enjoy the games had and even the long tournament days are great!

  • So my opponents I love the time spent smashing each other (thankfully never had to play one of grumpy ones, Panzer doesn’t count that is his standard state πŸ˜‰ )

I love me some metal/plastic crack and the level of detail we are seeing these days are amazing.

  • I love the metal Guild Ball models, I love the overly complicated to build malifaux models… Hell; I love that GW are still producing models that make me ooooooooo.

Finally 2 pieces of love, I love GW had the Cajones to gamble on AoS and cause such utter and complete panic/flame war. Yet people are still playing and enjoying it (admittedly with some tweaks).

Last piece has to be some model love, I tried to pick just one model but failed so in the end 2 models I love a hell of a lot. The Whiskey Golem and Ghast, 2 very different models but both bring a smile to this old bear..


Well you guys really want that new Hunters Guild for Guild Ball don’t you? If you missed it on Monday there is a raffle with a chance to win a team BEFORE the street release πŸ™‚ go check it out here LINKY.

I also have some shiny Goal tokens for WAAC as well, so if you are interested get in touch πŸ™‚

Games Played

Had 2 games of Guild Ball both against union and won and lost in those. Still struggling with the dirty Union but I did enjoy the lose more with the Spooks I was playing than the Alchemists from last week. Also got another game of Malifaux in as well lost, but at least I am getting more comfortable with Ironsides!

Painting and Hobby

The morticians are finished wooooo

I am also busy trying to get all my Arcanists painted for next week, which is going to be a close run thing I think…I may have picked up a load of Fishermen at the weekend at Vappa….So I have been busy adding some green stuff to them for a theme I have in mind.

As always make sure you check out my sponsors they always friendly if in South ‘Yorkshire’ the Outpost where you can get 20% off RRP on their site.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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