If you are reading this and you are at Vapnartak over in York come over to the Steamforge stand and say hi as I will be demoing Guild Ball all day šŸ™‚

Games Played

Loads of games played this week (it was LGC night visit this week), which meant that I have got in 3 games of Guild ball.

All of these were against Union with Alchemists all of them coming up with loses, I have found that I am struggling with generating MP with the chemists and it is something I need to work on. I am too focused on hurting players with damage which is leaving me starved. This is something I need to deal with as a hangover from my time with the Butchers and Brewers..

I have also managed to get a game in with Ironsides versus Hamelin in which I managed to get a 7-5 win, the new Gaining Grounds schemes are interesting and are going to need some work to figure out before tournament in 2 weeks šŸ™‚

Painting and Hobby

I have the challenge of getting Ironsides painted up in time for the tournament šŸ™‚ what could go wrong. I am also churning through the Armada models which I am loving painting..

I am still building up my Arcane emissary at the moment as well, needs lots of Green Stuff work, still loads of time, right?

I will admit my losing streak has me looking at my fully painted morticians for the next tournament, hopefully when I start painting them it will sort me out and I wont drift to the deadside..

As always make sure you check out my sponsors they always friendly if in South ‘Yorkshire’ the Outpost where you can get 20% off RRP on their site.

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